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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Gear up for action-packed weekends with earth-saving superheroes only on Toonami

 This September, gear up for action-packed weekends with earth-saving superheroes only on Toonami, the country’s home of epic anime adventures.

Premiering on Saturday morning, September 3, is the All Star Superman movie wherein Lex Luthor almost succeeds in killing the Man of Steel. Poisoned by solar radiation, Superman reveals his true identity to Lois Lane. But when Luthor declares his plan to conquer the world, Superman rallies. He gives Lois a serum that grants her superpowers for 24 hours, and together, they aim to defeat subterranean creatures spreading evil in the world.

Meanwhile, in the equally fascinating and futuristic world of Gaist Crusher, Gear Gaists Rekka, Hayato, Kurama and Siren continue to battle 100 species of Gaist creatures to defend humankind. Based on the popular videogame of the same name, the TV series follows the adventures of humans with super-armor who chase metallic lifeforms.

Featuring anime movies and all-new episodes of highly-charged series, Toonami always showcases the best US and Japanese animation. All Star Superman premieres September 3 at 11:45am with an encore at 6:30pm, while Gaist Crusher airs on weekends at 11am with an encore at 9pm.

Don’t miss all the action, only on Toonami!

Toonami is available on SKYcable Channel 42, Destiny Cable (Digital) Channel 42, Cignal Channel 36 and Cable Link Channel 214.

Mall of Kitchens: A one-stop-shop for kitchen needs for commercial/industrial and residential use

Next to make up and skincare, the second isle that I have been frequenting to is the kitchen wares and mini appliances when I am at the mall. Those mini ovens, big spoons and elegant stainless wares fascinate me to no end, upon watching "Master Chef with Gordon Ramsay" I dreamed of having those international wares and high tech ovens installed in my kitchen and whipped complicated dishes.

If you are the one who would start up a fast food business and is looking for those quality kitchen equipment, utensils, food service furniture, there is a Mall of Kitchens located in Makati. It is a one-stop-shop for kitchen needs for both commercial, industrial and residential use.

Mall of Kitchens (MOK) has recently been renovated to serve its customers better.

Modules for different business formats
MOK is now equipped with different modules for specific business formats making the place more customer friendly.  A look at the sprawling 2,500-square meter facility reveals set-ups (or business models) for a Café/Bar, Bakery, Hot Kitchen, Gelateria, Wine Room and Show Kitchen.    It also sports an airy vibe and more modern and hip interiors.

Each module features all equipment, small wares and furniture necessary to set up a business (e.g. coffee machine & grinder, blenders cake display case, dishwasher and smallwares such as glassware, cups and saucers for a start-up Café & Bar; a gelato machine and gelato mix ingredients for a Gelateria;  bakery ovens, proofer, spiral mixers, under counter chillers,  smallwares such as spatulas, sheet pans wire whisks,  and other baking needs for a Bakery or Pastry shop; a combi steamer oven, fryer, griller/ griddle, wash water commercial kitchen hood with UV light, conveyor pizza oven for a professional hot kitchen.

Some of the flagship equipment brands that can be found at MOK are Convotherm Combi Oven, Manitowoc Ice Machines, Frymaster Deep Fryers, Taylor Soft Serve Machine, Vittore Coffee Machines, Lincoln Conveyor Ovens, True Refrigeration Equipment, Vitamix Blenders, Winterhalter Dishwasher, Turbo Air Reach in chillers & Freezers, Menumaster Microwave Oven, Williams wine chillers and Kolb Deck Ovens which are top choices by hotel chefs, quick services restaurants, fastfood chains, coffee shops and other businesses in the foodservice industry.

MOK’s re-design also allows for simultaneous food demos.  On an ordinary day, you’ll see customers like hotel chefs, entrepreneurs and even homemakers listening to MOK’s sales and technical teams showing the features of kitchen equipment and how to use them and corporate chefs holding product demos.

“We have re-designed Mall of Kitchens in such a way that our customers would know what to expect and what to purchase in case they’re interested in a start-up business and for those who want to modernize and update their kitchens. All these are can be done in a bright, spacious, and a more relaxing, customer-friendly and kitchen like environment,” Norell Ortega, Vice-President for Sales, Foodservice Manila, said.

Ideas at the Kitchen aisle 
Aside from these business modules, MOK also refurbished the Smallwares Area, setting up new gondolas by category to make them easier to navigate.

The systematically organized aisles are filled with kitchen and dining essentials suited to the needs of customers.  Corporate clients as well as walk-in customers like homemakers, culinary students and foodies will be pleased to see a wide assortment of smallwares.

Aisles that are found by the right side of the mall carries a mélange of dining fundamentals like dinnerware, flatware, glassware, to houseware, crystals, pots and pans, condiments and consumables. Further inside, one can also find kitchen necessities like bakery, coffee, pizza, and bar supplies, utensils, food storage basics and cleaning tools. There are also dining table displays and stylish and elegant buffet set-ups   to give customers ideas on how to arrange their dining tables or prep their buffet for those special dinners.

  “Our products are priced competitively—if not lower, than others.   We have principals and suppliers from the USA, Europe, the Middle East, and other Asian countries,” said Jenny Carlos, Mall of Kitchens’ Vice President Sales for Smallwares.   “We also attend international trade shows to keep abreast of innovative and up-to-the-minute trends and designs for further customer satisfaction,” she added.

MOK’s smallwares brands include world-class products such as Rak Porcelain, Athena, De Buyer, American Metal Craft, Table Craft, and Zieher. “We sell products that one cannot find in other stores like some of our flatware and buffet set-ups which are being used by top hotels.  We give customers easy access to these,” Carlos explained.

Stories from the Kitchen
MOK is a division under Technolux, the country’s largest importer and supplier of a complete line of foodservice, small wares and laundry equipment for 41 years.

We used to have a small display area measuring 20sqm, then moved to a 400sqm showroom,” Carlos shared.   “But since we needed a bigger space to showcase our growing number of brands and over 3,000 SKUs of commercial equipment and smallwares. So MOK was opened in 2012. The store concept has since then morphed into a fully-integrated showroom and a culinary haven that allow the market to be in step with the trends in the foodservice and hospitality industry.”  
“What sets us apart from other distributors is that MOK is not only a showroom, it is also a retail store. We have sales executives to service our corporate clients as well as staff for walk-in customers. Our value added offering is that our customers can visit MOK, peruse our products and equipment and leave the store with their purchases. It is easy and convenient. Plus, parking is never a problem because we have a big parking area for customers,” Carlos added.

Value added services
As part of the excellent Technolux brand of service, MOK has well-trained and efficient sales executives who are willing to give sound advice and recommendations to customers.

 It also offers “Technolux By Design,” where clients can avail of consultancy and kitchen design from Technolux Kitchen and Laundry designers. This may be availed of for free upon purchase of their equipment.

 “We not only offer a wide range of worldwide brands but prompt after sales service as well - from equipment demos, purchase, delivery, and installation, and preventive maintenance programs as part of our commitment in serving the foodservice industry” Ortega explained.

Cooking up exciting plans at the kitchen
With the newly-revamped Mall of Kitchens, culinary demos, business kitchen presentations, and other exciting plans are underway.

This year, the Technolux Business Series (TBS) will be pursued to deliver and provide business opportunities for existing enterprises and budding entrepreneurs.

With the new mall layout and design, MOK is even more passionate in pursuing its objectives of bringing more products and enhanced services to the local market

            (Visit MALL OF KITCHENS from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Mondays to Fridays. It is located at 9703 Kamagong St.,Corner Lawaan St., San Antonio Village, Makati City. Ample parking is available. For inquiries, call 890-6758 / 552-3587. Also visit its website and follow us on Facebook at Mall of Kitchens - Philippines.)

James endorses Fujifilm’s most advanced X-A3, X-T2 cameras and instax SHARE SP-2

I have been wanting to own a Fujifilm's X-A2 eversince I laid my eyes on it a year ago.  X-A2 takes beautiful, crisp and clear pictures plus I love the retro vibe design of the camera. It is a good point and shoot camera intended for the millenial of today because it takes nice selfies too.  I had an opportunity to use the X-A2 from a travel event I attended 3 months ago, and from then on, I saved up for it and swear that I would be owning it later this year. But when I saw the latest Fujifilm's X-A3 from its launch on August 26 I had a change of heart.

FUJIFILM Philippines launches FUJIFILM PH celebrity ambassador James Reid at Luxent Hotel on August 26.

James Reid now joins Fujifilm's other brand endorser, Bea Alonzo and over 50 of the country's top social media influencers, lifestyle bloggers and celebrities who trust FUJIFILM for high quality photos for all their lifestyle, fashion, and travel photography.

“We are very excited and optimistic to embark on this partnership with James,” said Takuya Maeda, FUJIFILM Philippines’ division head for electronic imaging and photo imaging. “He embodies what the FUJIFILM brand is about—young, current and innovative.”

The popular actor admitted to being a budding photography enthusiast. He started his journey with photography during the production of his hit TV series “On The Wings of Love”.

He admitted that since he got hold of the X-A3,  he's been using it on the set and his favorite subject as of this writing is his girlfriend Nadine Lustre aside from architecture and landscapes.

Today, Reid is one of the hottest and busiest heartthrobs. While he’s away for his numerous showbiz engagement or personal travels, he keeps his fans updated by generously regaling his social media followers with sharp, well-defined, and interesting photographs—be it a landscape snapshot or a photo of him and his reel and real life sweetheart Nadine Lustre. With all these travels, the one gadget that James never forgets to bring with him is his FUJIFILM camera.

During the press launch, FUJIFILM also announced some of the new products from FUJIFILM’s instax and mirrorless cameras that Reid will actively endorse. These are the X-A3 and X-T2 mirrorless cameras and the instax SHARE SP-2.

Unlike its predecessor, the instax SHARE SP-2 prints photos faster and with a more improved image quality. It has new functions to meet users’ preferences and fit their lifestyle of taking and editing photos with smartphones. It also has a new exposure system that promises a higher image resolution. But similar to the previous, this model works well with android &iOS devices or FUJIFILM mirrorless cameras.

FUJIFILM X-A3.  100% visibility with the rear LCD tilting by 180 degrees. Introducing the compact and lightweight selfie-optimized mirrorless digital camera

The X-A3 has been perfectly designed to take “self portraits” with a compact and lightweight body. It joins the X Series of mirrorless cameras that offer outstanding image quality with the company's proprietary color reproduction technology. To enable easy self-portraits, the X-A3 features an LCD screen that tilts 180 degrees without being blocked by the camera, thus helping to maintain 100% visibility. Other features such as Eye Detection AF are designed to improve self-portraits shooting even further, and the new Portrait Enhancer mode includes the option to brighten the skin-tone.

The X-A3 combines a newly developed 24.2 megapixel APS-C sensor with the image-processing engine to achieve Fujifilm's excellent photo quality. Combination with the supplied FUJINON lens, which boasts ultimate image resolution, delivers outstanding image quality with subject's texture, form and even the atmosphere of the scene. The camera excels particularly in reproducing skin tones, making it the best choice for capturing people, which account for around 40% of all subjects in photography. The Film Simulation function offers 11 modes, including newly added “PRO Neg.Hi” and “PRO Neg.Std.”

Even when tilted by 180 degrees, the LCD is not blocked by the camera, allowing 100% visibility. The grip is shaped to accommodate normal shooting and self-portraits. When taking self-portraits, focusing and releasing of the shutter can be done by pressing the vertical command dial located directly below the index finger. This minimizes camera shake. Rotating the tilting LCD upward by 180 degrees activates the Eye Detection AF to automatically adjust the focus on the subject's eyes. The Portrait Enhancer mode offers three-step adjustments with the new “skin-tone brightening” function to enjoy self-portraits of premium quality, which is possible only with the X Series of cameras.

The X-A3 adopts a retro design with compact and lightweight body that is appealing to the younger female generation. The retro feel gives a “fresh” and “fashionable” impression. The top cover, front plate and top dials are made of aluminum. The newly developed faux leather has significantly enhanced the overall texture. The camera is available in silver, brown or pink. The LCD on the rear uses a touchscreen to enable “Touch AF,” “Touch Shoot” and “Touch Zoom” with pinch-out finger gesture to use a prime lens as if it is a zoom lens.

The camera can shoot approx. 410 frames per charge, and, when fitted with the supplied lens “XC16-50mmF3.5-5.6 OIS II,” it can focus on a subject at a distance of approx. 7cm from the front edge of the lens for leading macro capability in its class.

FUJIFILM X-T2. Ultimate mirrorless camera delivers creative perfection

The FUJIFILM X-T2 - the ultimate mirrorless camera that uses advanced technologies to achieve premium image quality, outstanding operability and beautiful design reminiscent of traditional cameras.

The X-T2 combines the sensor and image-processing engine developed by Fujifilm, with an ultra-sharp range of FUJINON lenses for excellent image resolution. Fujifilm's color-reproduction technology, formulated over 80 years, delivers images of unparalleled quality and realism, recording a subject's textures, three-dimensional feel and even the atmosphere surrounding it.

The X-T2's compact and lightweight camera body is also dust-resistant, water-resistant and capable of operating at temperatures as low as -10°C. Its autofocus and electronic viewfinder performance have both been substantially improved, making it more adaptable than ever before at shooting a moving subject under difficult conditions, such as sports or wildlife photography, which had previously been considered difficult with mirrorless cameras. For the first time in the X Series, the X-T2 supports 4K video recording. The Film Simulation modes, used for still images, can be applied to video to easily produce premium-quality footage.

The X-T2's design is modeled after the “central viewfinder style” of the FUJIFILM X-T1, which has been popular since its launch in 2014. This proven stable form factor provides a camera that is perfectly sized with ergonomic dials laid out exactly where they are needed for excellent, intuitive operability. Coupling the X-T2 with the optional grip offers a superior balance, especially when mounted with a telephoto lens. The large viewfinder with the magnification ratio of 0.77x will immerse yourself in photography. The sense of perfect alignment from the center of your body to a subject through the lens creates an illusion that you have become one with the camera for the ultimate photographic pleasure.

The full lineup of 22 FUJINON lenses covers a wide range of focal lengths from ultra wide angle to ultra telephoto. The compact and lightweight lenses are all optimally designed for APS-C sensors, and incorporate standout features including large maximum aperture and powerful image stabilization to meet photographers' diverse demands.

The X-T2 becomes the X Series' flagship model along with FUJIFILM X-Pro2, the world's only rangefinder-style camera with the Hybrid Multi Viewfinder, released in March this year. The two models deliver unparalleled performance in their distinctive fields, with the X-T2 excelling in portraiture, nature and sports photography, and the X-Pro2 ideal for snapshots and discreet documentary photography.

Helpful tips on getting the right education plan for your kid

One of the most important things a parent should do is to ensure that their children receive the best education that money can buy. As parents, we must make sure that we are financially stable enough to put our children through school.  And we must also acknowledge that our children's dream university or college might be more expensive than we’d expect, especially since education costs have been rising every year. Hence, planning ahead and making investments for our children's education, through an education plan, is very crucial.

As such, getting your children (or your future children) an education plan should be one of the first things parents should aim for, aside from being able to provide for the family. However, before getting one, parents must know and understand the features and benefits of an education plan, as well as the expenses that go along with it.

Every education plan, offered by many different companies, has a different set of benefits. This means that you have many things to consider while shopping for an education plan that fits your budget and your future goals. Do you get the pay-out benefits as soon as your child enters high school? Or is it for a college fund? How much do you need, and how much can the education plan give you?

Here are some helpful tips on getting the right education plan for your kid:

1.    Always make sure that the benefits of the plan you are looking at are aligned with your needs. Better if there are additional features included like life or accident insurance so your children are still guaranteed to receive the education plan benefits in case something happens to you.

2.    Research on the companies offering education plans. You’ll want to make sure that the company you are getting an education plan from is financially strong, trustworthy, reliable, and capable of keeping its promises. You want to be assured that you will receive the benefits on-time and in full, without having to worry about the company going bankrupt.

3.   Save early: Start saving as early as possible so that you can be sure that you are financially stable enough to pay for your child’s education plan.

4.    Find other sources to fund your child's education savings by exploring other resources of growing your money, such as investments, having passive income, and so forth.

5. Divide financial tasks between the two parents. Having mutual spending decisions, and constant communication about money is very important.

Education plans are something everyone should have for their children. Sometimes, the education we want for our children will cost more than an arm and a leg. A plan helps make that education more affordable.

Now that you know what kind of education plan you are looking for, you are ready to send your child to their dream university-- even before they've graduated high school.

To know more on how to plan for your child’s education, visit

Meditate Your Way to Health, Success and Happiness

What do Oprah Winfrey, Paul McCartney, Michael Jordan and Lebron James have in common? They’re all incredibly successful, hard-working and geniuses in their field, but many people don’t know that they all practice meditation. Oprah said that meditation has made her “1,000 times better”. Michael Jordan and Lebron James, both famous athletes, practiced meditation to sharpen focus and improve concentration. Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, was a well-known meditation practitioner.

As stated by his biographer Walter Isaacson, “Your intuition starts to blossom and you start to see things more clearly and be in the present more. Your mind just slows down, and you see a tremendous expanse in the moment. You see so much more than you could see before. It's a discipline; you have to practice it.”

Meditation is the process of reflecting on your mind. When you start looking inside yourself, you will be able to change and improve yourself and thus, tap into so much unrealized potential.  At Ortigas/Makati Meditation, you can look back on your mind and improve your life and career. Through the "subtraction" method you can discover the original nature of the mind.

The human mind is like a stack of pictures that you have stored in your mind and body. These “pictures" are the accumulation of your past experiences which have formed your pattern of thinking and habits. The pictures stored in your mind contain emotions, thoughts, and attachments to people, places, and material things. They have created their own world in your mind. Because the world in the human mind is not “real”, you can throw them away. This method is systematic and scientific. It is not about suppressing your mind and experiencing temporary comfort. It helps you to eliminate the roots of your human mind, completely. When you empty your mind through the subtraction method, your mind and body will become lighter and more free. You will find the true happiness within you.

At the Ortigas/Makati Meditation Center, professional instructors guide practitioners with the subtraction method and always check their meditation progress in order to help them throw away their thoughts. Most of the practitioners feel the changes in their minds in  2~3 weeks after they practice the subtraction meditation.

Once the noisy and complicated state of mind is subtracted, then you can feel calm, light and comfortable. You will be able to control the negative emotions that engulf you. You can discover yourself sincerely smiling at the colleagues you used to feel uncomfortable around.

You will even feel happy in the morning when you wake up. Your work performance improves along with your concentration as the useless thoughts disappear from your head. You will find yourself free from stress. You can recover your confidence and get to know yourself much better.  You will be able to understand people much better, therefore, the relationships with people naturally improve and conflicts will be solved. With the awareness of how to empty your mind, your inner power grows, which allows you to control your mind in any situation you can possibly face. You will always be positive and the quality of your life will dramatically improve.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Google launches #LovePhilippines campaign in time for National Heroes Day

Google Philippines launches today its year-long social media campaign called #LovePhilippines in time for National Heroes Day to inspire Filipinos to discover more about the country and our culture and fuel their love for the Philippines.

Google Philippines will post #LovePhilippines content on their social media channels to put a spotlight on the heritage of the Filipinos. The posts will include, but are not limited to, moments of triumph in history, interesting stories behind acclaimed Filipinos and their achievements, trivia on uniquely Filipino norms, and a quick tour of hidden gems in the country using different Google products like Search, Street View, YouTube, and materials from Google Cultural Institute.

The campaign kicks off with a post featuring a unique pinoy dessert that was Jose Rizal's favorite, minatamis na santol. Apart from learning something new about our national hero, Filipinos will also get to prepare the treat by watching a YouTube video tutorial.

The campaign aims to encourage Filipinos to share with pride the positive things about our country on social media and introduce the wonderful aspects of the Philippines and its people to non-Filipinos so they can appreciate the culture more.

As part of Google’s commitment to equip Filipinos with information that are relevant to their lives, Google put together the campaign to show netizens that there are easily accessible materials online that they can use to boost the morale of fellow Filipinos and inspire others to take pride on the many remarkable characteristics of the Philippines.

“We hear things said about the Philippines or the Filipinos, but there are plenty of beautiful facts about us that are easily searchable online. We want to bring out these information so that people will be inspired to show the world that the Philippines is a fast developing country with a rich history and colorful culture. Filipinos are innately inspiring, and we look forward to spreading more love for the Philippines in the days to come,” said Gail Tan, Google Philippines Head of Communications and Public Affairs. 

You can follow Google Philippines on Google+, Facebook and Twitter to +1 or Like, reshare or retweet #LovePhilippines posts.

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Residential property developers are acknowledging the need to integrate eco-centric living in their masterplan, a concept that is emerging a...