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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Comfort food goodness at its best at Beeffalo by Hotrocks

Simple. Comfortable. Delicious.

WARNING: Dining at Beeffalo’s will RUIN your diet.

There I said it, but it’s a mistake that you will never end up regretting.

Of all the events I get invited to I try to shy away from food events the most. Now don’t get me wrong, I love to eat and try out incredible new dishes, unique cuisine and get first dibs on the newly opened restaurants in the city.

Yes I know, that’s what cheat days are for, but with all those invites, those cheat days often get extended and before you know it, you end up gaining more than you lose. And when you reach a certain age, it feels like every extra slice of pizza, cut of steak, or even an extra cup of rice goes directly to my waist or thigh!

Most recently I’ve had the privilege to be invited to some awesome new bar/restos to try out the new menu of Draft get crazy on wings at Buffallo Wild wings and meet the famous Salvatore Cuomo himself,

I’ve also traveled all the way to Antipolo to try out one of its best kept secrets. Well you don’t actually need a secret code to get in, but its also not the most accessible and easy to find. It’s right across Antipolo Doctors Hospital, if you are familiar with the place but even then you wont find a ginormous signboard to call your attention.

At first glance, Beeffalo by Hotrocks doesn’t look as glitzy as those other restaurants, but as soon as you enter their doors you’ll be taken to a diner that would remind you of those American stops you often see in the movies. And if you are a sucker for vintage stuff, you’d love the collection of antique items and decors adoring the walls of the place.

Theres a certain randomness that breathes   character to the restaurant, giving it a charming vibe borne out of a mélange of modern and vintage, of classic and casual. According to the owner, the stuff comes from their guests who donate their old pieces.

“We are now a destination for couples, families, groups and office workers who are in search of delicious yet affordable comfort food  in a homey and  airy ambience,” Louie enthused.

Beeffalo also stands for the flavorful beef and meat dishes that are the restaurant’s specialties. Peruse the menu and you’ll see the house specialty, Baby Back Ribs. The meat is ‘literally falling apart’ because it is so tender.  It is basted with Beeffalo’s signature barbeque sauce, grilled perfectly until that smokey goodness and fall-off-the-bone goodness are achieved. Tasty Java rice completes an order.

Baby Back Ribs

Beeffalo also serves steaks that people loved at the former Hot Rocks restaurants in Pasig and Libis. Simply seasoned with salt and pepper, they are grilled the right way that makes all the difference, showcasing the meat’s natural flavor, enough to please even the most discerning steak enthusiasts. Top on the list are the widely popular large-cut Porterhouse and T-bone
steaks served with fresh vegetable salad and creamy mashed potatoes made  from scratch.

Porterhouse and T-bone

There is an array of other comfort food to choose from. Feed your chicken craving with their equally famous Beeffalo Wings with Blue Cheese Dip. Choose the sweet dressing with it or opt for the hot and spicy. Either way, you will enjoy wings in their lip-smacking goodness.

Other meat dishes include the Grilled Chicken BBQ, Pork Barbeque, the Barbeque Platter (a medley of Isaw, Tenga, and Bulaklak), Grilled Blue Marlin  and a lot more.

Barbeque Platter

More homemade, comfort food goodness

They may be known for their grilled meat dishes, but there are  more to savor at Beeffalo.
Start with Beeffalo’s Roasted Pumpkin or Broccoli Cheese Soups, thick and rich numbers to whet the appetite. Then, have the the Taco BBQ Salad, a medley of nacho chips, cheese, ground beef, atop a mound of greens swathed in cheese sauce, salsa and vinaigrette dressing.

Have that pizza! It’s not your usual thick or deep dish ones. The Margherita and Three Cheese Biscuit Pizzas—topped with the choice tomatoes, cheeses, and full-flavored herbs—are extremely thin-crusted that every bite gives out that yummy crunch.

They also have rice-worthy mains including their special Sizzling Beef Ribs in Tamarind Gravy, the classic Filipino Sinigang cooked and served the Beeffalo way. Other must-try dishes include the Beeffalo Burger (with slivers of crispy bacon, served with vegetable toppings and fries as sides) and Garlic Shrimp Pasta (creamy linguine topped with garlic shrimps).

Sizzling Beef Ribs in Tamarind Gravy

It is good to wash all these flavors down with their original Cucumber-Lemonade drink. Beeffalo also offers decadent desserts such as their version of Brazos de Mercedes, Turtle Pie, Crème Brulee, the cool and marshmallow-laden Jar of Monkeys.

Brazos de Mercedes

Note that almost everything is made from scratch, from the sauces, dips and sides to the pizza dough. “We are very particular about what we serve, we include a certain dish only if it passes our personal standards. Everything is made with a lot of love,” Louie said.

 And while your typical steakhouses boast of clean modern lines with dark and woodsy interior, Beeffalo in Antipolo City is well-lit and pulsating with bright, vibrant colors. Louie said that they originally wanted a roadhouse that serves inexpensive beef dishes but later realized that they have become more than that.

Beeffalo by Hot Rocks is a family restaurant owned and managed by husband and wife Louie and Girlie Abad and their partner and good friend Caren Diaz. Its maiden branch is located  in Marikina City.  A new Beeffalo store recently opened its doors right at the heart of M.L. Quezon Avenue in Antipolo City, a culinary gem that is waiting to be discovered.

Beeffalo by Hot Rocks Antipolo address is M.L. Quezon Ext. Antipolo City across Antipolo Doctors Hospital. Operating hours are Fridays and Saturdays  (11am to 12mn); Sundays to Thursdays (11am to 11 pm). For inquiries, call     534-1160

 Beeffalo by Hot Rocks Marikina City address is   Mayor Gil Fernando Avenue, Marikina City.  Operating hours are Fridays and Saturdays  (11am to 12mn); Sundays to Thursdays (11am to 11 pm). For inquiries, call 0939113077.

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