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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Mighty Mom Dishwashing Liquid fights against germs and is gentle on your skin

When you're a mom and on a budget, you'll learn to let go of your attachments to certain products, activities and luxuries and trade them in for simpler pleasures. That's why every little things count especially if you are shopping for basic groceries list. You are always on the lookout for value for money and quality.

When I attended the Mighty Mom event recenty, I was a loyalist to Brand J, I have been using this dishwashing liquid for years now. It stays true to its promise of "Isang patak, kaya ang sangkatutak" but when I saw what Mighty Mom Dishwashing Liquid can do,  I know there's no turning back again to Brand J. I am now a convert.

After the dishwashing demo using two brands and Mighty Mom Dishwashing Liquid, the Mighty Mom washed all the dirt in just one swiped using the sponge, while the other two brands left food stains on the plate. The Mighty Mom Dishwashing Liquid fights against germs and smells pleasant too.

The fun event was attended by Kohl executives and family, and bloggers.

Kohl Industries seeks to address this with the launch of its newest line of household products – Mighty Mom Dishwashing Liquid.

The new line is a de-greasing, anti-bacterial and deodorizing dishwashing liquid that is proudly Philippine-made and comes in the traditional lemon scent and the uniquely-Filipino kalamansi fragrance.

Mighty Mom Dishwashing Liquid is true to its name: it is mighty against germs, but it is also caring just like a mother as it is mild and gentle to the hands and skin. This dish soap also ensures value for money, time efficiency and a hassle-free, cleaning experience.

Mighty Mom Dishwashing Liquid is available at SM Supermarket, SM Savemore, SM Hypermarket, Robinsons Supermarket, Shopwise, Metro Gaisano, Wellcome, AFPCES, Pioneer Center, Fisher Supermarket and San Roque Supermarket. For faster and hassle-free transactions, Mighty Mom Dishwashing Liquid can also be bought online at Marketa (

Mighty Mom Dishwashing Liquid is also priced more affordably compared to other local dishwashing products. Available in 500mL bottle (with FREE 2 250mL pouch) priced at Php88.00, 1 Liter bottle with pump (with FREE 3 250mL pouch) priced at Php149.00, 250mL bottle (Buy 1 Get 1 promo) priced at Php49.75.

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