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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

5 Panalo tips to make your kids enjoy studying at home

Back-to-school season is just around the corner, but this year, kids will have to stay at home and get used to a new way of learning. With the adoption of online classes to keep children safe, parents now have to closely help and guide their little ones as they continue their education at home. 

Adjusting to home schooling can be hard and overwhelming, especially for parents who will be trying this method for the first time. But with a little bit of push, patience, and love for kids, homeschooling becomes easy and will fit into the family’s routine at home. Here are five panalo tips to make teaching and learning at home a success: 

Tip 1: Have a clear daily schedule
Kids are used to routines - back in the normal days, they would wake up early, wash up, eat breakfast, go to school, and attend their classes. To make the adjustment to home learning easier, you can create a timetable or class schedule that they have to follow to make it seem as if they are in school. Set a designated time for each subject and allot ample space for breaks and activity time.  

Tip 2: Use online resources together 
Online classes mean that kids have to spend most of their day on their computers and devices. This also means that moms have to prepare their homes to be e-learning ready, equipped with strong internet connection so children can access their lessons and be present in lectures online. Moms also need to be familiar with basic computer programs so they can guide their children in doing their online requirements. There are a handful of free online tools and programs to help supplement your child’s learning resources and make studying easy at home.

Tip 3: Make the lessons interesting and exciting 
Young learners are visual, creative, and imaginative. Most of the time, it helps them better understand difficult topics when presented in a fun and engaging way. You can create colorful flashcards to help them memorize basic math formulas and problems. If you are teaching them Filipino or English literature, you can engage them in a storytelling activity or act out a scene and do a short skit. You can also create easy board games, activities, and drawings to demonstrate the lessons. 

Tip 4:  Schedule physical activities 
Ask any kid about their favorite subject in school, and most of them will probably say physical education (PE). And just because they now have to stay and learn at home, it does not mean that they cannot enjoy their favorite subject anymore. Daily physical activity is important for your kid’s growth and development of motor skills. Try to schedule an hour of physical activity in your daily plan and enjoy playing outdoors, exercising together, or running around in the garden at home.

Tip 5: Eat three well-balanced meals a day 
Moms need to remember that it is important for school-aged children above 3 years old to receive all the necessary nutrients, minerals and vitamins for growth and development. Getting proper nutrition also ensures they receive all the nutrients required for brain development to help them perform better academically. Prepare healthy, well-balanced meals for their lunch breaks and snacks, making sure to include fruits and vegetables, wholegrain, meat, and fish. Along with their healthy meals, you can help complete your child’s daily nutrition with a glass of Vitaminized Lactum 3+ milk. 

Together with 3 balanced meals a day, Vitaminized LACTUM 3+ has the essential immuno-nutrients - Vitamins A, C, E, Zinc, and Selenium - to help strengthen your child's immune system and to help keep them safe and protected from illnesses. Help achieve #ImmunityPanalo with Vitaminized LACTUM 3+. It also helps provide nourishment for their brain and bone development so they can achieve more even while homeschooling. 

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panalo mom’s secret to making homeschooling a fun learning and bonding activity with kids is giving them Vitaminized Lactum 3+. 

realme Philippines ready to disrupt flagship segment, launches realme X3 SuperZoom on July 09

 realme Philippines is at full tilt in offering tech-lifestyle companions for the Filipinos as they adopt a highly digital lifestyle. To fulfill this mission, the fastest growing smartphone brand in the country forays into the high-tier segment with the launch of the flagship star-shooter realme X3 SuperZoom on July 9. The livestream launch will happen at 12 noon on realme Philippines’ official Facebook page and YouTube channel

realme X3 SuperZoom is the first realme device in the flagship tier, bringing the brand’s latest and most advanced photography innovations. The flagship star-shooter is the only device in its price segment to have a 64MP quad-camera set-up that comes with a 5x periscope telephoto lens with up to 60x Superzoom. The quad-camera set up includes a 64MP main camera powered by a 1/1.72-inch Samsung GW1 sensor, an 8MP ultra-wide angle lens, an 8MP periscope-style lens for 5x optical and 60x digital zooms, and a 2MP macro lens. The realme X3 SuperZoom’s back cameras are well-complemented by those at the front. The device sports an in-display dual camera with a 32MP Sony 80°wide-angle lens and an IMX616 + 8MP 105°super wide-angle lens that can both capture crisp, stellar images. The realme X3 SuperZoom’s cameras easily meet the technical requirements of budding and professional photography enthusiasts alike. 

Taking the device’s imaging capability a notch even higher is its Starry Mode, a unique camera feature exclusively seen in this realme smartphone. This feature utilizes an AI algorithm combined with ultra-long exposure and multi-frame synthesis which allows users to capture photos of the night sky at a professional level. 

“We are happy to announce that we are once again launching a device that will surely enrich the digital lifestyle of Filipinos. Join us on July 9 as we announce the local availability of our flagship star-shooter, realme X3 SuperZoom! We are excited to champion real smartphone value in the flagship segment through this new device,” shares realme Philippines Vice President for Marketing Austine Huang.

Another hallmark feature of the realme X3 SuperZoom is its 120Hz ultra-smooth display which is 2x faster than the 60Hz standard smartphone display and is similar to the display technology of high-end premium TVs. The realme X3 SuperZoom is the only device in its price segment to tout this feature. The display is also covered by Corning Gorilla Glass 5 for better protection. It also comes with features like punch hole light effect, eye protection, customer color mode, and Object and Semantic Images and Eye-tracking (OSIE) Artificial Intelligence.

For a more optimized smartphone experience, the realme X3 SuperZoom is powered by a Snapdragon 855+ processor. It also has a 2.96Hz Octa-core processor and UFS 3.0 high-speed flash memory that provides top computing performance, smooth multitasking capabilities, ultra-high download speeds, ultra-low latency, and robust network reliability.

Fans who will tune in on the livestream launch get the chance to win exciting prizes from realme Philippines! The realme team is also expected to make more thrilling announcements about its other product line-ups during the program. 

Monitor and track your usage and bill with the GlobeOne and Globe at Home apps

As the Philippines embraces a new normal amid the community quarantine, Globe is making it easier for its subscribers to manage their accounts with the GlobeOne and Globe at Home apps. With just a few taps on their smartphones, they can monitor and track their usage and bill, request for tech support, buy load, and settle their balance.

The apps were developed as an alternative channel for concerns that are usually addressed by  visiting a Globe Store. These steps meant having to go out, which is not ideal given the health risks of the COVID-19 pandemic. Customers can now download the apps for free and have their concerns resolved within minutes, without having to wait for their turn or step out of their homes.

“As we shift to a more relaxed quarantine across the country, we continue to recreate the way we serve our customers to make it easier and safer for them to manage their accounts,” says Rebecca Eclipse, Globe Chief Customer Experience Officer. “They have relied on online platforms for essentials, groceries, and even education, to lessen physical interaction. We are offering this same convenience as we bring our most widely-used services to our customers’ reach through our apps,” Eclipse  added.

GlobeOne is the digital companion for all the needs of Globe Postpaid, Globe Business and Prepaid subscribers. This app allows them to access their billing statements, monitor their data consumption, check their rewards points and even buy load credits. 

The Globe at Home app on the other hand allows Globe at Home Broadband and Prepaid Wifi subscribers to easily track their data usage,  add volume boosts and even upgrade their plan subscription.  

Both apps are free to use and are designed to be accessible any time, anywhere. Through these apps, customers can resolve their concerns in minutes, without having to wait for their turn on the hotline or at the Globe Store, allowing them to have more time for things that matter to them. 

To access, customers can simply download the suitable app and register using their email address or third-party credentials like Gmail, Facebook, and Yahoo! Mail. After they register, they can enroll their accounts using their mobile number.

Customers may also dial *143# and chat with Globe Telecom’s FB Messenger to do self-service transactions. 

Download GlobeOne and Globe at Home from these links and

McDonald's PH introduces more convenient ways to safely enjoy food

As the country remains under quarantine and as consumers continue to be extra careful with their safety, McDonald’s Philippines remains committed to find ways for Filipinos to continue enjoying their McDonald’s favorites, in the restaurant as well as in their homes.

With the recent resumption of dine-in services, McDonald’s Philippines has shared how they have elevated their commitment to quality, service, safety and cleanliness with stringent policies for both their customers and employees. 

The company has also released a video on its 
M Safe Program, featuring their President and CEO, Kenneth Yang. Watch it here:

Employees also now follow enhanced stringent safety protocols, which include: daily submission of health check forms; temperature checks before and after every shift; increased hand washing frequency to every 30 minutes; provision of M Safe Care kits, including vitamins to help them take better care of their health. 

For customers, the number of those entering the stores will be managed. The following are implemented before entering the store: ‘no mask, no entry,’ temperature check, hand and footwear disinfection, and completion of a health check form. In stores, physical distancing in all areas including order queues and dine-in areas will be observed. Table service is done for dine-in customers to avoid any crowding in the claim area. Counter and table shields are also in place, among many other precautionary measures in-store. More importantly, a dedicated safety manager is assigned in every store to ensure all protocols are followed, and goes the extra mile of  offering hand sanitizer to customers every 30 minutes. To better improve its safety protocols, McDonald’s also encourages customers to send their feedback to

“Quality, service, safety, cleanliness and value have always been part of McDonald’s philosophy when it comes to operating its restaurants. As we continue to bring feel good moments for Filipinos in the new normal. We constantly strengthen all our practices and protocols for our customers, employees and partners” says Yang. 

More ways to safely enjoy McDonald’s favorites

Committed to ensure the safety of customers while making their meals more accessible, McDonald’s constantly introduces digital innovations to continue providing delicious food and feel-good moments to consumers.

 “While we have reopened our doors for dine-in, and as we gain the confidence of our consumers with our elevated measures, we also acknowledge that a large population of Filipinos still choose to eat at home. Because of this, the omnichannel approach that we have prioritized since 2011 has become very relevant today in making our products more accessible to consumers while ensuring their safety,” says Margot B. Torres, Managing Director of McDonald’s Philippines.
As a forerunner in digital transformation among quick service restaurants, McDonald’s introduces a new ordering channel. With the Facebook Messenger chatbot, consumers can conveniently place their orders online. Through this initiative, McDonald’s allows an enhanced customer experience as they are able to place their orders ahead, schedule delivery or pick up at a designated time and preferred branch that is convenient for them. 

The brand has also introduced Park, Order and Pay in some stores wherein customers will just park, order from a McDonald’s crew without leaving the car, pay and wait for their order to be brought to them.

M Group Selections is another new offer which allows small groups to celebrate with McDonald’s food at good value, available via McDelivery, Drive Thru, Pick up or Take Out. With this initiative, customers are able to mix and match from the five (5) Group Selections food products depending on their preference and budget. Included in the offers such as World Famous French Fries, Best Tasting Chicken McDo (original and spicy), Chicken McNuggets, McSpaghetti and plain rice.

“With the introduction of the M Group Selections and our no touch channels, we are hopeful that our consumers will be able to satisfy their cravings at the comfort and safety of their homes. We will continue to find ways to delight our consumers as we navigate through the new normal,” adds Torres.

At the same time, McDonald’s continues to be available and accessible through platforms such as McDelivery, GrabFood, and FoodPanda. Check out delicious deals and other special offers through its McDonald’s app available on Android and iOS.

Monday, June 29, 2020

Globe at Home: Instant Big Data, Instant Big Entertainment, DIY with no installation needed for only 999/month

In the new normal, many still continue to work from home, while students will transition to online learning in the coming school year. Globe at Home is ready to meet the increasing demand for fast and reliable internet with the new Xtreme WiFi Plan 999, the most affordable Globe postpaid home Internet plan with which families can enjoy bigger data allocation for work, school and entertainment.

For as low as P999 a month, subscribers can experience instant WiFi, instant big data and instant entertainment right at home. The plan comes with a DIY device that’s easy to set up. The first of its kind in the world, this all-in-one device is equipped with free clear local live TV channels which can also turn regular televisions into a Smart TV, allowing families to access over a million YouTube videos on a bigger screen. The device can be installed effortlessly: once you take home the device from the store or once delivered to your doorstep, just turn on the device, log on to the network, and it’s ready to use.

Apart from offering stable 24/7 home internet, Xtreme WiFi Plan 999 gives customers 3-months access to Amazon Prime Video, transforming their homes into an entertainment hub where families can bond over the latest titles. Customers can also avail Xtreme WiFi Plan 1499 that comes with bigger data of 200GB per month, perfect for everyone in the family’s work and streaming needs.
“Now that many Filipinos are spending most of their time at home, the internet has become even more important. Parents use it for work, while children rely on it for their educational and learning needs. At the end of a busy day, families can also get together and go online for leisure. With this new plan, Globe at Home can provide those working, learning end entertainment needs to the entire family to help them recreate the world right at home,” says Barbie Dapul, VP and Head of Marketing for Globe at Home.

Interested customers residing in the Greater Manila Area can apply for a Globe at Home Xtreme WiFi Plan through the Globe at Home official online shop or via the Globe At Home Facebook messenger. Customers in other areas may avail the new plan by visiting Globe stores nationwide. 

Whether it’s for work, learning, or streaming, you can recreate your world right at home with a plug and play Xtreme WiFi Plan. Learn more via the official Globe at Home Facebook page at or send a message via the Globe At Home messenger.

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Google Philippines to hold Pride Conversations online event on YouTube to honor the LGBTQ+ community

As part of the concluding celebration of Pride Month, Google will hold an online event called “Pride Conversations” to create a discussion and champion some of today’s inspiring members of the Filipino LGBTQ+ community. This will be streamed live on Google Philippines YouTube channel on June 30, 2020 at 5:00PM. 

The speakers of the event continue to bring pride to the LGBTQ+ community through their achievements in their respective fields. Taking part in the discussion are Antipolo City Barangay Councilor Kristine Ibardolaza; Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery Fellow Dr. Berry Beriña; motorcycle enthusiast and vlogger Gaki Azurin, more popularly known as “GakiMoto”; comedian, host, and YouTube creator Mikey Bustos; and Google Philippines Program Manager Melai Lopez. 

“Google is committed to inclusion and this Pride month, we’re excited to share how we always support the LGBTQ+ community in a number of ways--from sustaining a diverse workplace culture, to providing grants, to hosting events around the world to continue the discussion on equality,” said Mervin Wenke, Communications and PR Head for Google Philippines. “We are glad to further show this commitment through our products like Google Maps which is helping enable a virtual Pride March initiative this year.” 

A home to LGBTQ+ employees
Google fosters a diverse and inclusive culture where LGBTQ+ employees are respected, celebrated, and empowered. The company ensures that they enjoy the same opportunity to shine, be heard, and succeed in the organization just as much as any other employee. Below are just some of the benefits for Google’s LGBTQ+ employees around the world including the Philippines:

      Same-sex health benefits: Google is committed to and provide same-sex health coverage for Googlers and their partners.
      Employee assistance program: Google offers free emotional wellbeing support, 24/7, 365 days for Googlers and their dependents, as well as access to free expert information on legal, financial, and other topics. These services are confidential. 
      Parental leave: 
      A non-birth parent has at least 12 weeks of paid parental leave to spend with a new child (any parent who has a child born or adopted). 
      A ramp-back policy to help a non-birth parent transition back to work after a long leave is available. 

Googlers also have the freedom of establishing their preferred pronouns (he, she, xe, they) so colleagues will know how to best address a LGBTQ+ employee in the workplace to show inclusion and respect. 

“At Google, the use of preferred pronouns lives beyond work profiles and email signatures. Before a meeting begins, we may ask each other our preferred pronouns to address our colleagues accordingly and show respect. This demonstrates that LGBTQ+ employees are important and are always included in the discussion,” shares Melai Lopez, a trans woman and a Program Manager at Google Philippines.

Melai adds, “Google encourages us to form and participate in employee resource groups like Pride@Google. With this, I am able to use my voice to spark necessary conversations in the company and to contribute to the external LGBTQ+ community through high-impact programs and initiatives."

The “Pride Conversations” live event is part of Google’s initiatives for Pride Month, championing LGBTQ+ personalities whose stories serve as an inspiration for the community. Tune in on June 30, 2020 at 5:00 PM (Ph time) at Google Philippines YouTube channel.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Give your doggos some love with these tasty treats from Good Boy Dog Food available on Shopee

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”– Josh Billings 

Back in the days, we used to own 3 askals in the house. I remember them not picky with food. My mother used to cook everything, including vegetables, yes exclusively for our askals.  

Fast forward to today, you have to consult a veterinarian,  what's best for your fur babies based on their age, weight, breed, and health conditions.

You have to read labels and check for ingredients, nutritional adequacy, and feeding guidelines.

Luckily, Good Boy Dog Food offers some tasty treats for your fur babies from Shopee. 

Good Boy Little Variant! Good Boy Little  is your small breed's tasty good food made with complete and balanced ingredients for their daily health needs. With anti-tartar for healthier gums and fresher breath, your dog will surely thank you for each bite! Good Boy Dog Food follows the Association of American Feed Control Officials' (AAFCO) basic dog food nutrition requirements. For small breed dogs 1 year and up!”

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Sale Price P425 from P500 (SRP)
Less Discount of 15%

For adult dogs 1 year and up! This is for Trevor. The Good Boy Original Variant! Good Boy Original is tasty good food made with complete and balanced ingredients for their daily health needs. Good Boy Dog Food follows the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) basic dog food nutrition requirements. 

Sale Price P272 from P320 (SRP)
Less discount of 15%

Always remember that small breed dogs have different nutritional requirements than adult dogs. Good boy dog food contain all of the nutrients dogs need to stay healthy. 

Shop now and avail the 15% discount!

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Use PayMaya for safe, contactless payments and get great deals too!

One of the biggest priorities during this pandemic is ensuring that our families stay safe and healthy. Apart from following standard health measures like social distancing, online shopping has also been the go-to of most consumers when it comes to purchasing essentials to limit their contact. But if you can't avoid going out to buy your day-to-day needs, make sure that you stay safe by using contactless payments like PayMaya QR. 

Paying via PayMaya QR lessens the risk of transmitting the virus through cash-handling. By simply scanning the QR code at the counter, you can already pay for your purchases within minutes - no need to exchange cash and coins with the cashier.  

On top of giving you a safe and convenient payment option, PayMaya also gives you the most value out of your hard-earned money. #ScanToPay with PayMaya QR for your purchases to get 1%, 10%, or 100% Balik Bayad or a maximum of P500 Balik Bayad for your transaction until September 30, 2020!* You can enjoy up to P500 worth of cashback every month. 

Check out this list to see where you can #ScanToPay:  
1.     Supermarkets
Groceries are an absolute essential during these times, especially when we’re all spending more time at home. Get all your favorite groceries at trusted places such as Rustans Supermarket, Shopwise, Super 8, Robinsons Supermarket, San Roque Supermarket, and Waltermart, which offer the best prices for everything you need.  
For even better deals on a wider selection of items, especially for those looking to buy in bulk, check out Landers Superstore. For those in the provinces, you can still enjoy a safe and rewarding payment experience from PayMaya in your trusted LCC Supermarket, Gaisano Grand, Gaisano Capital, Gaisano Brothers, Metro Retail Stores Group, Prince Retail, and Felcris Supermarket.  
2.     Drugstores  
When it comes to the medicines and health-related goods, there is always Mercury Drug and Watsons. They have a wide selection of medicines ranging from generics to well-known brands at reasonable prices, as well as a complete selection of grocery and wellness items. Customers can also enjoy PayMaya perks in Southstar Drug, GNC, Rose Pharmacy, Lorach Quality Drug Care, and Amesco Drug.   
3.     Restaurants  
For take out food, there are so many good places to go to. For your chicken fix, you can order from McDonald’s, Jollibee, KFC, Popeyes and Gringo. If you want to go Chinese or Korean, try Mann Hann, Panda Express, Chow King and BonChon. You can also have an all-Pinoy feast at home with Ambers, Kuya J, Zubuchon, and Choobi Choobi Flavors. For your pizza cravings, there’s Shakeys, Domino’s, Gino’s Brickoven Pizza, Landers Central, and Pizza Hut. You can even pay via QR when you have pizza delivered from Yellow Cab. If you’re up to splurging a little, why not try Vikings or Wolfgang’s Steakhouse? Finish up your meal with a yummy dessert from Wildflour, Café Mary Grace, or Dairy Queen. 

You can also treat the family to something sweet or to popular Pinoy dishes from Goldilocks, no matter what the occasion is. Get a P100 cashback for a minimum purchase of P500 once per week until July 11!  

PayMaya users in Cebu and Davao can also enjoy up to 100% cashback when they order food at Bigby's, The Dessert Factory, MyJoy, The Fat Cow Group, Casa Verde, Grillers Steak House, Fat Jim's, Penong'sAnnipie Bakeshop, and Pearl Farm Maranao Restaurant.  

4.     Gas stations  
While most of us are staying safe at home, some can’t avoid going outside – especially for work or shopping for essentials. When you need to go out for a drive, make sure you fuel your car with gasoline that’s got the best value for your money. Top up at Petron, Total, Cleanfuel, Unioil, Metro Oil, PowerfillSeaOilRePhil, or Marz Fuel for more gas for your buck and a smooth ride.   

Enjoy the safety and convenience of PayMaya QR and these great deals with PayMaya! If you don’t have your own PayMaya account yet, there’s always time to sign up and make the most out of your shopping—just download the PayMaya app for Android or iOS, register for an account, and find out what it’s like to shop with the fastest, safest, and most rewarding to pay for anything online and in stores! Remember, for all your essentials, don’t pay cash, PayMaya 
To find out more about all the exclusive deals you can avail of with your PayMaya account, visit or follow @PayMayaOfficial on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.   
PayMaya is the only end-to-end digital payments ecosystem enabler in the Philippines with platforms and services that cut across consumers, merchants, and government. Aside from providing payments acceptance for the largest e-Commerce, food, retail and gas merchants in the Philippines, PayMaya enables national and social services agencies as well as local government units with digital payments and disbursement services.    

Through its app and wallet, PayMaya provides millions of Filipinos with the fastest way to own a financial account with over 40,000 Add Money touchpoints nationwide, more than double the total number of traditional bank branches in the Philippines combined. Its Smart Padala by PayMaya network of over 30,000 partner touchpoints nationwide serves as last mile digital financial hubs in communities, providing the unbanked and underserved with access to services. To know more about PayMaya's products and services, visit or follow @PayMayaOfficial on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

*Until June 30, a minimum purchase of P500 is required to avail of this promo

The Redmi Note 13 will be getting a special price drop this May

The Redmi Note 13, one of Xiaomi’s popular midrange smartphones, will be getting a special price drop this May. Starting May 21, 2024, the R...