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Friday, June 19, 2020

3 tips to turn newbies into supermarket pros in the new normal

Every once in a while, we’ll be pushed to do things we don’t normally do. For some of us, going to do the groceries is something that’s way outside our comfort zones. It’s true—the reality is there will be people, who are totally clueless when it comes to buying groceries. But that’s okay, it’s nothing to be ashamed about, as everyone can always learn something new and get better at it.

What’s most important when it comes to buying groceries, especially during this pandemic, is making the most out of your grocery trips. You’ll want to be in and out of the store as fast as you can like a real supermarket pro in order to avoid risks to yourself and your family. 

Here are some tips to help you be a better grocery shopper in the new normal:
1.     Write down a carefully planned grocery list
To make the most out of each grocery trip, you’ll have to step up your planning. That means estimating what you’ll need to buy and how much of it you’ll need to buy (within your budget, of course) in order to prolong the time it takes until your next grocery trip. You may have to calculate more thoroughly than usual here, but if it means being able to do more physical distancing and reducing the risk of the virus, it’ll be for the better.

2.     Go extra early or in off-peak hours to avoid crowds
Many people will be thinking the same thing and this will be harder than it sounds, but you should try to avoid times when the supermarket has more people. While stores will enforce a maximum capacity limit, you’ll still want to avoid people as much as you can. Try to go extra early so that stock doesn’t run out on you, or figure out the times when there are fewer people in the store—and of course, don’t forget your protective gear!

3.     Make a list of “plan B” items
But sometimes, no matter how careful you plan, no matter how early you go, there may be some items and products that won’t have stock. If, for example, there is no more of a certain ingredient in the store shelves, you should be ready with a quick replacement so that you don’t spend too much time in the supermarket, risking yourself further. 
Fortunately, there’s always something that works, such as your trusted kitchen and cooking partners from NutriAsia, which have been delicious staples of households for decades. In the company’s latest video, a clueless dad calls up his son to ask for his help in preparing a special meal to surprise Mom, and the resulting adventure is nothing short of adorable, thanks to the help of some handy NutriAsia products like the UFC Spaghetti Supreme Pack. You can watch the video here.

No matter how challenging situations might be, it’s definitely easy to make the most of them—and your grocery trips—with NutriAsia’s products!


  1. Thanks for sharing this tips Ms Lou 👍😍❤

  2. Nung nag start ang pandemic, every time na namimili aq or si hubby pag inutusan ko, gumagawa na kami list ng bibilhin. kailangan din kasi na magtipid tlaga dahil no work no pay.

  3. The best tips for planning for a groaery. Dapat talaga lagi tayo maaga kapag pupunta ng supermarket iwas peak hours at iwas sa pagdami ng tao lalo ngayon. At dapat laging may lists ng mga bibilhin para di ka kulakulangin sa budget or lumagpas sa budget. At syempre last, dapat may Plan B para kapag wala yung isang product na bibilhin mo di kana mahihirapan mag isip kung anu ipapalit. Lalo na kung si mister lang ang bibili, dapat may Plan B sa lists 😊

  4. yes po, para alam na agad kung ano ang mga bibilhin at kailangan bilhin, para hnd na pabalik balik pa sa market, maiwasan dn ung paglabas labas lagi, make sure na nailista na lahat para isang bilihan na lang 😊

  5. New normal groceries tama na magvideocall pra sure at madaling mkpggroceries

  6. Agree ako dyan..Ganyan din po ginagawa ni hubby ko maaga syang namimili para iwas sa dami ng tao ,gumagawa na rin kami ng mga list ng bibilhin at may second and third choice incase na wala yong unang nasa list .

  7. Thanks for the tips ms. Lou. This is what we all need especially now that some of the husbands are now into buying in the groceries.

  8. Salamat po sa tips. Pabasa ko Rin Kay hubyy hehe 😍 very much need Ang listahan Lalo na tight and budget


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