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Monday, June 8, 2020

Citrine One spreads its wings to SEA region, Australia

Citrine One, a communications agency based in Malaysia with 19 years of experience, announced on Friday the establishment of its international business outfit, Citrine One Global, to focus on cross-border business activities starting with the Southeast Asia (SEA) region and Australia. Citrine One Global is set to provide multi-tier strategic communications services in multiple territories through its network of professional partners and affiliates. 
Citrine One Global is structured as a gateway for Malaysian businesses seeking strategic communications services in new markets and for international businesses looking for a footing in Malaysia and other SEA countries. Inter-referral and coordination within the alliance will ensure smooth delivery of campaign messaging for the clients.
Among the affiliates under Citrine One Global Network of Professionals are Ardent Communications (Philippines), Ying Communications (Singapore), IMAGI PR (Indonesia) and Bass PR (Australia). The list of affiliates is expected to grow as more agreements are formalized in the near future.

We need to do business differently. Collaborative partnerships have worked well for us locally by working with experts and other agencies from different fields in marketing and communications to offer extensive services to our clients. This idea is now being taken to a larger scale with our global arm, Citrine One Global. This is the manifestation of the valued professional and business partnerships we have cultivated over the years with our affiliates,” explained Ivlynn Yap Cheng Theng, founder and principal consultant of Citrine One.
“Our method is simple and direct, and that is to have the right people to do the right job. We believe this philosophy also rings true with businesses that are looking to expand their operations and market in new territories. This alliance is ready to provide the services needed by our clients to achieve that goal. We can build global communications plans locally and adapt them effectively through our local alliance partners,” added Ivlynn. 

Ardent Communications, a highly respected communications agency in the Philippines, echoes the values of partnership in doing business. “We are proud to be part of the Citrine One Global Network. It’s a very timely endeavor with most companies' business plans flying out the window due to the unprecedented crisis brought by the pandemic. Businesses will need the experience and expertise of seasoned agencies to navigate the new normal.  These are the agencies that Citrine One Global brings together. We are greater than the sum of our parts,”said Ana Pista, president and founder of Ardent Communications.

Nia Novelia, co-founder and director at IMAGI PR, believes the alliance will be a good launch platform for companies looking to enter the vast Indonesian market. “IMAGI PR is honored to be a part of Citrine One Global. This is an exciting experience to share our knowledge and connect with fellow communications professionals in the Asia-Pacific. By joining this network, we could provide our expertise to global players that would like to enter the Indonesian market. With its 260 million population, Indonesia is one of the most lucrative markets in Southeast Asia. Through Citrine One Global, we could also offer great value to our clients who would like to go international,” she said. 
Heading the new business outfit is Junaidi Asmara Rosly, a marketing and communications specialist with more than a decade of local and regional experience in various fields, including consumer electronics, F&B, tech start-ups, government services and creative multimedia industries. “I’m thrilled with the establishment of Citrine One Global and my new role as the managing partner. I believe that by leveraging each other’s strengths and abilities, the alliance will be mutually beneficial to all parties,” said Junaidi. 
Citrine One Global aims to provide high-quality strategic communications services, including strategic crisis communications, crisis communications training, media relations and social media management. Citrine One Global is also actively seeking new potential affiliates to expand its service territories. Interested agencies are invited to get in touch via

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