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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

5 Panalo tips to make your kids enjoy studying at home

Back-to-school season is just around the corner, but this year, kids will have to stay at home and get used to a new way of learning. With the adoption of online classes to keep children safe, parents now have to closely help and guide their little ones as they continue their education at home. 

Adjusting to home schooling can be hard and overwhelming, especially for parents who will be trying this method for the first time. But with a little bit of push, patience, and love for kids, homeschooling becomes easy and will fit into the family’s routine at home. Here are five panalo tips to make teaching and learning at home a success: 

Tip 1: Have a clear daily schedule
Kids are used to routines - back in the normal days, they would wake up early, wash up, eat breakfast, go to school, and attend their classes. To make the adjustment to home learning easier, you can create a timetable or class schedule that they have to follow to make it seem as if they are in school. Set a designated time for each subject and allot ample space for breaks and activity time.  

Tip 2: Use online resources together 
Online classes mean that kids have to spend most of their day on their computers and devices. This also means that moms have to prepare their homes to be e-learning ready, equipped with strong internet connection so children can access their lessons and be present in lectures online. Moms also need to be familiar with basic computer programs so they can guide their children in doing their online requirements. There are a handful of free online tools and programs to help supplement your child’s learning resources and make studying easy at home.

Tip 3: Make the lessons interesting and exciting 
Young learners are visual, creative, and imaginative. Most of the time, it helps them better understand difficult topics when presented in a fun and engaging way. You can create colorful flashcards to help them memorize basic math formulas and problems. If you are teaching them Filipino or English literature, you can engage them in a storytelling activity or act out a scene and do a short skit. You can also create easy board games, activities, and drawings to demonstrate the lessons. 

Tip 4:  Schedule physical activities 
Ask any kid about their favorite subject in school, and most of them will probably say physical education (PE). And just because they now have to stay and learn at home, it does not mean that they cannot enjoy their favorite subject anymore. Daily physical activity is important for your kid’s growth and development of motor skills. Try to schedule an hour of physical activity in your daily plan and enjoy playing outdoors, exercising together, or running around in the garden at home.

Tip 5: Eat three well-balanced meals a day 
Moms need to remember that it is important for school-aged children above 3 years old to receive all the necessary nutrients, minerals and vitamins for growth and development. Getting proper nutrition also ensures they receive all the nutrients required for brain development to help them perform better academically. Prepare healthy, well-balanced meals for their lunch breaks and snacks, making sure to include fruits and vegetables, wholegrain, meat, and fish. Along with their healthy meals, you can help complete your child’s daily nutrition with a glass of Vitaminized Lactum 3+ milk. 

Together with 3 balanced meals a day, Vitaminized LACTUM 3+ has the essential immuno-nutrients - Vitamins A, C, E, Zinc, and Selenium - to help strengthen your child's immune system and to help keep them safe and protected from illnesses. Help achieve #ImmunityPanalo with Vitaminized LACTUM 3+. It also helps provide nourishment for their brain and bone development so they can achieve more even while homeschooling. 

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  1. Very nice tips to all parents or momshs like me to make our kids enjoy studying at home thanks for the very informatives info Ms. Lou 👍😍❤

  2. Thank you for sharing this Panalo Tips for parents like us. ♥️


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