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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

SAMSUNG shares different tricks to try on the Galaxy Z Flip

SAMSUNG shared the Galaxy Z Flip with the world to give new ways to multi-task, take photos and videos, and connect with loved ones. To further maximize this stylish and innovative device, here are a few exciting tricks to explore: 

New Tricks to Take Photos and Videos
The Galaxy Z Flip reimagines the way people capture photos and record videos. The device has a Flex Mode that gives multiple angle options when taking a picture. By just waving a palm, the device will automatically snap a selfie.

When folded, the Galaxy Z Flip's Cover Screen can take a photo by just tapping the fingerprint scanner twice. Pressing the volume up button activates the display to snap a selfie. To adjust the lens options, users can simply double-tap on the mini yet functional window. 

Moreover, the Cover Screen also acts as a preview window to allow the subject to see how he or she looks before taking the shot. To activate, open the camera application and tap on the small icon found above the magic wand icon.

New Ways to Multitask at Home

The Galaxy Z Flip allows users to stream a video, compose a message, and view the gallery simultaneously. It has a Multi-Active Window function that allows access to multiple applications as needed.

It is ideal for those who want to take notes while watching a tutorial video. To activate, simply open the Multi-Window Tray from the right side of the display to drag and drop the applications to be used (i.e. stream a clip on the top half of the display while jotting down important instructions on the bottom half). 

When working from home, users can rely on the Galaxy Z FlipThe Galaxy Z Flip is firm enough to stay open like a mini laptop when partially open. The lower half can be used as a keyboard when composing an email.

Meanwhile, music lovers can access Spotify when the Galaxy Z Flip is folded. To start playing, open the application to play one song, fold the device, and swipe left on the Cover Screen to see the rewind, play, and fast forward icons. Swipe right to go back to the original display that shows the time and weather.

New Approach to Stay Connected
Expressing love with family and friends from afar has been amped up with the Galaxy Z Flip. The device’s free-stop hinge allows it to stand by itself in different angles so users can conveniently start a call with loved ones hands-free.

Incoming calls can still be accepted without opening the device. Users just need to swipe right the green phone icon found on the Cover Screen to automatically answer the call. This puts the phone on Speaker Mode, allowing the receiver to start the conversation with another person.

With these tricks on Galaxy Z Flip, people can now have many different ways to capture moments, multitask, and stay connected with loved ones. For more information about the Galaxy Z Flip, visit

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