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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Seattle's Best Coffee's milk tea.

I am gaga over milk teas for the past year, name it i had it even the brewed ones, i am milk tea turned human, anything catch my fancy , i will get a taste on, this was bought by a friend, and the addict in me sipped on and lo and behold it is very very sweet to my scrutinizing taste. I dont know i asked for a half glass of ice and poured it on top but still the strong sweet taste is still raging, it is made up of caramel with a little hint of tea i dont know if its earl grey but definitely not green tea, red tapioca pearl reminds the taste of maraschino cherry, maybe they dipped the chewy pearls in it, and that saved the day for this SBC’s milk tea. But if you are into sweet teas then this one is for you. Enjoy and let me know=)

Urban Junket it is in Hot Pink=)

I have been eyeing this tote bag for some months already, little did i know that this would land in my hand, this tote bag is available in white, green, blue and of course pink, thanks a lot The Travel Club.=)

Human the label..

an all natural products that is rocking the green in me, Sunflower oil their bestseller is available at 100ml. This is my holy grail next to their lotion and peppermint lipbalm. Their flagship store is now open at Commonwealth QC, now there is more reason to visit QC after SM, Trinoma and Technohub=). Spotted at their launch is Ms. Isabel Roces a PETA advocate and Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte.

my stash=) they have their new cosmetic line, mineral powder and lipsticks.

Their hand sanitizer fruit burst is a permanent replacement for the alcohol gel that im using for years. 

Human Nature=)

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