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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Safeguard Equips All Shopee Xpress Riders Nationwide With Sanitizers for SAFE Deliveries

Safeguard continues to educate Filipinos on proper hand hygiene and helps provide access to handwashing facilities through its #SafeWash Program. 

The brand has partnered with  the Department of Health, LGUs, hospitals and public spaces to help protect more and more families from illnesses caused by poor hand hygiene True to being the #1 family germ protection soap and helping keep the nation safe for  more than 56 years, Safeguard never stops innovating and expanding its impressive portfolio of products. With its hand sanitizer that promises the same 99.9% germ protection, Safeguard expands its #SafeWash campaign to those in the frontlines.

99.9% SAFE Xpress Rides with Shopee

Delivery services have transformed into essential services in the recent year. It is no longer simply for convenience, but a way for Filipinos to enjoy goods and services from the comfort and safety of their homes. Given this very important role of delivery riders, Safeguard teamed up with Shopee once again to equip all their 10,000 Shopee Xpress riders with on-the-go Safeguard hand sanitizers. This puts in place a stringent, SAFE protocol of hand sanitation before and after each delivery transaction, even without access to soap and running water.

This partnership encourages riders to effectively practice proper hand hygiene through disinfection, protecting both the riders and customers against the threat of germs whenever they receive their deliveries.

As Filipinos continue to strive for a healthier and safe Philippines, consistent efforts in maintaining proper practice of wearing masks, social distancing, and most importantly, proper handwashing and hand hygiene help to keep each and every one away from diseases.

Join Safeguard's #SafeWash campaign and help protect more Filipinos from up to 99.9% of germs with proper hand hygiene education. Start by having your Safeguard Essentials delivered straight to your home 


  1. Talagang napaka gandang campaign ito ng safeguard na #SafeWash Lalo na ngayong pandemic we need to know how to wash our hands properly para Iwas virus and sure den na 99.9% mamatay Ang germs sa safeguard and napaka helpful nito para sa ating mga riders đŸ„°

  2. This is truly amazing. Deliveries are one of those people who are more exposed to the virus and also the people who have a high risk to be infected by the virus. This will really help a lot to keep more and more families from illnesses. This is a great move from safeguard. They really deserve to be the #1 family germ protection soap.

  3. The pandemic is still here and we all need to be always safe by doing necessay things that would help to stop the spread of the virus. Safeguard has equipped Shopee riders with sanitizers as a way to combat the spread of the virus. we all know that their job is to handle things from one place to another and it is a must that they are to stay germs and virus free all the time. it will also lessen the fear of the consumers from the virus. It will really be a SAFE delivery


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