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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Phil Craft Distillers Inc., introduces world class Lakan the extra premium lambanog


I have known lambanog when my parents introduced that drink to us kids when we were still teenagers, my father used to harvest from a coconut sap small plantation  the taste was in-between sweet and bitter, and with a spirit that later kicks in after 3 shot glass. We were told that it came with harvesting coconut nectar, thus the term coconut vodka,  made me proud that my country is distilling the best tasting and a world class fine spirit in the world. It should be in the vodka list of all the bars in Manila,  until I was invited to Lakan launch last October 8, 2014 at Manila Peninsula's Salon de Ning.

Philippine Craft Distillers, Inc., a licensed world-class distiller of liquor and spirits launched Lakan the extra premium lambanog. Lakan, a warrior ruler, symbolizes the character and strength of this liquor,  with media, guests and celebrities graced the event. The Company, provided entertainment singing the songs from the 70s, 80s and up to present while we were enjoying our drinks from Lakan line like tableia, and Lakan on the rocks. The tableia was chocolatey delicious with a hint of spirit, this is just the right drink for women who want to party. Lakan on the rocks was strong for me, I could immediately taste the alcohol thereafter.  We were later told that Lakan has no hangover. Lakan proved that right, when I woke up with no headache. This one is for keeps, the bottle costs php3500, and is the best gift for the holiday season.

CEO of Philippine Craft Distillers Inc., Anthony C. Manguiat states “We are excited to be launching a product that showcases that true Filipino spirits are world class.  We have craft distilled a lambanog that is meant to be enjoyed by the discriminating global citizen.”

The craft begins with a meticulous process of harvesting coconut nectar which requires tens of coconut trees to produce one exceptional bottle of peerless and exquisite quality.

At the exact hour when fermentation is perfect for distillation a Master Artisan begins the multi stage handcrafting of coconut nectar into the distinctively smooth and silky flavors of Lakan.

Practically all human senses are used to scrutinize the product at every possible level to create this pure, clean and natural liquor.

Lakan is distilled from pure coconut nectar that ferments on its own without the need for additives resulting in a 90 proof work of art that is best taken neat. Additionally,  Lakan is a product registered with the FDA with a CPR.

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