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Saturday, March 19, 2016

RRHI urges the public to shop only from authorized Daiso Japan PH

         To avoid falling victim to false marketing, consumers are encouraged to shop only at any of the 47 authorized Daiso Japan stores in the Philippines, which carries authentic Daiso merchandise.

      There is only one Daiso Japan and this should not be confused with other establishments selling products labeled as “Daiso” even as Daiso Industries Co. signed an agreement with Robinsons Retail Holdings Inc  (RHHI) appointing the latter as its only authorized and exclusive retailer in the Philippines.

       It will be recalled that last year, the Supreme Court had already issued a final ruling preventing local firm Japan Home Center (JHC) from using the trademark Daiso after Daiso Industries Co., Ltd, which owns the trademark since 1977, filed a complaint with the Intellectual Property Office against JHC in 2009.

       On the last quarter of 2015, Daiso Industries Ltd. Japan Founder and President Hirotake Yano visited the Philippines and reaffirmed their strong partnership with RHHI that  was sealed as early as 2008.

        RRHI is  targeting to open a total of 60 Daiso Japan stores by the end of the year and have started with their aggressive expansion with the recent opening of Daiso Japan stores in Riverbanks, Marikina  and  in Subic, Zambales.   There are over 2,400 Daiso Japan stores  in 30 countries around the world.

       RRHI is urging the public not to be misled and to purchase only authentic items from Daiso Japan. This promotes a solid value-for money proposition for consumers, as there is a guarantee on the authenticity of the products.        

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