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Friday, March 11, 2016

Philam Life and BPI-Philam to give living benefits “like never before” with Philam Vitality

For the first time in the Philippines, insurance products will give living benefits “like never before” with a science-backed and global wellness programme, Philam Vitality.

Philam Life launched Philam Vitality last year, and is now also available through BPI-Philam.
Life insurance premiums with Philam Vitality can now get an upfront discount of 10-15%. This is
unprecedented in the Philippines.

Vitality is a global brand with close to 20 years of success spanning South Africa, United States,
Europe, China, Hong Kong and Australia. Now it is available, through Philam Vitality, to Filipinos who would like to go beyond traditional insurance products.

“With Philam Vitality, insurance becomes strongly relevant to our policy holders every day. It is there when they make daily choices: what to eat, how they can improve their health, what exercise to do today, what vacations to plan for, to name a few,” says Philam Life chief executive officer Axel Bromley.

Beyond protection, investment and savings, Philam Vitality pushes the bar and gives day-to-day living benefits that reward members for being healthy. It is a programme that recognizes people’s healthy behaviors worldwide.

“Our mission is to empower Filipinos to achieve financial security and prosperity. To achieve this,
health should not get in the way. People want to be healthy. However, they don’t always act on it. This programme gives amazing tools to help even the most unfit and unhealthy person to start on his
Philam Vitality journey,” continues Bromley.

Philam Vitality gives easier access to basic health check so members will watch out for their health
status, like their updated cholesterol and sugar levels. The programme has partnered with industry
leaders Makati Medical Center and Hi-Precision Diagnostics for discounts to basic and some
advanced screens. Its exclusive dental partner, Gan Advanced Osseointegration Center (GAOC),
likewise provides significant discounts for basic dental assessments.

To keep improving their health, members are given exclusive discounts to Gold’s Gym, Toby’s Sports
and renowned fitness device brands, Garmin and Polar. Smokers can also take advantage of a special
package for Smoking Cessation at the Makati Medical Center.

Each time a member takes the screens and does healthy activities, Philam Vitality Points are awarded.
The points add up to allow a member to reach a higher status for higher benefits, starting from Bronze to Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Intelligent incentives were designed to reward members for taking steps to be healthier. These
rewards come from partners like SM Cinema, Seda Hotels, Marriott and Enchanted Kingdom.
All these partner branches and establishments are located in over 180 locations all over the Philippines, giving a great chance of access to members for their benefits.

“The rewards one can get from the Philam Vitality programme are astounding. From the insurance
premium discount to all the partner benefits, a member can see that insurance is now more and more
relevant. We’re excited that Philam Vitality is now available to our BPI-Philam customers. We hope it
will encourage them to sign-up as members to take advantage of the benefits and live healthier and
happier lives,” says BPI-Philam chief executive officer Aibee Cantos.

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