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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Rica Peralejo on being a good mom at Avida's Homepossible: Familyscape

Avida's Homepossible: Familyscape was launched at Fairmont Ballroom last May 28. Avida celebrity ambassadors WholeMomPH trio Chesca Kramer, Rica Peralejo Bonifacio and Marilen Montenegro gave inspirational talks while ANC's On the Money Edric Mendoza hosted the launch.

The former actress turned online celebrity was among the guest speakers at the Avida’s Homepossible: Familyscape conference held Saturday, May 28, 2016 at the Fairmont Ballroom.

Ms. Rica Peralejo Bonifacio talks about being positive in all aspects of life. She is full of wisdom and also gives advice to all moms when one is about to give up and tired of everyday routine. The following are her tips:

*Get Out! – Sometimes its really just a change in scenery. Call up someone to take care of your kid and enjoy some “Me” time, pamper yourself get a massage. 2
*Find someone to talk to– If a change in scenery isnt enough, look for someone who you can talk to     and is willing to listen. Time to reach out to your friends, and and express what you really feel.          Sometimes you just need to rant and let it out.
*Have a strong spiritual side- Find your security in something that is unchanging and for me that is God!

Mendoza talked about how lifestarters can effectively plan their financials while the expert moms covered topics ranging from creating a place that affects family dynamics to nurturing one’s inner self amidst all the demands and responsibilities of a homemaker.

Starting a family and building a home, while a joyful life milestone, can be daunting. But there are a lot of ways to nourish the homemaker in you so that you can start out strong. Avida’s Homepossible: Familyscape conference, aims to encourage family-oriented individuals to pursue a multi-faceted lifestyle in an enabling community, offering a 360-degree approach on gearing up with the essential skills and knowledge that can guide them on the journey to being a homemaker.

Familyscape is the second installment of Avida’s Homepossible conference series this year. Homepossible is part of Avida’s campaign that is all about encouraging people to pursue the life that they dream of.

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