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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Wafu celebrates 4th Year Anniversary with Chef Nobu

I learned to love Japanese food eversince I got a taste of maki rolls. From then my palate upgrades to sushi, ramen, unagi, soba, tonkatsu and so on. Aside from delicious and healthy, (if youre the one who doesnt put so much soy sauce, and is eating in portion like me). Its become one of my comfort food. Whenever I get the chance and money to spend, I always check out the best eat-all-you-can japanese restaurant with the unique interior design, it plays a major role to me, same with food, because I love taking pictures and sharing them through social media.

Until I got an invite to WAFU which features a new executive chef, a new menu, and better ingredients airflown straight from Japan in their 4th year anniversary at WAFU Greenhills.

Wafu is a two storey building located at Greenhills. It was built last 2012 and managed by Bryan Tiu. The interior alone is unique, with its Lotus Pod dining tables which was designed by no less than Amy Pamintuan. Teppanyaki area is located at the second floor, where skilled chefs prepare the food right before their eyes.

Bryan Tiu prides himself in being an International Trend Spotter and Local Trend Setter. Through his vision, Wafu was created in a two storey building in the heart of Greenhills, He is the man behind Teriyaki Boy, Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken, and Ichiba: Japanese Market. 

Bryan Tiu presented Master Sushi Chef Nobu to the media and served the best authentic Japanese platters with the freshest seafood ingredients.

Cold Platter

The first dish served was the Cold Platter, it is consists of Toro, Hamachi, Salmon, Uni, Gruper, Aji and Tiger Prawn. Ive tasted all in the platter but in moderation because I dont want to trigger my seafood allergy. I did indulge though in salmon, which is my favorite.

Sushi Platter
Sushi Platter is seafood made of Maguro, Tai, Salmon, Aji, Ika, Ikura, Unagi, Tamago and Ebi. I love that this one satisfied my hunger for the night, I had two of these, one is Ebi and Ika.

Hot Platter
Hot platter is Gindara, Chuck roll and scallops on Shell Balsamic Sauce, Daikon Oroshi and Fuagura Sakke. Everyone went gaga with the scallop. While I feasted on Gndara. One cup of rice please!

Tempura Platter
Tempura platter is Shira Uo, Ebi Shinju and Uni Isobeage. I dont know about you, but Shira Uo whatever that means, tasted the best among the rest.

Makimono Platter
Makimono Platter is my favorite California Roll, Spicy Salmon and Futo Imaki. Who would have said no to Makimono, the yummiest among the served platters. I loved it.

Fresh Fruit Salad

In line with its 4th Anniversary, Wafu introduces its new Executive Chef, Onishi Nobuyoshi, or Chef Nobu. Chef Nobu hails from Osaka and moved to Tokyo to pursue his dream of becoming a Master Sushi Chef. He achieved more than 30 years of experience working in prestigious sushi restaurants in the Ginza Tokyo area. Prior to coming to Wafu to head the kitchen team, Chef Nobu was a Master Sushi Chef of the highly prestigious Midori Sushi. Now, Chef Nobu, lends his years of experience to ensure that every dish served in Wafu follow the highest standards of quality and authenticity.
New, Authentic and Affordable Menu

With a new executive chef comes a new Wafu menu. Featuring improved Wafu favorites as well as all new items, the new Wafu menu gives you an authentic taste of Japanese cuisine. And better still, the new Wafu menu phases out the old Wafu Elite Card, and the discount normally associated with the card has been applied directly to the menu, making great Japanese food now more affordable.

Wafu offers the perfect venue for celebrating milestones, hosting of an important business meeting, or even everyday meals during the work week. Under the helm of a new chef, a wide selection of authentic Japanese cuisine made more affordable, and ingredients flown in fresh from Japan, Wafu makes these moments extra special. Guests even have a choice celebrate in the restaurant surrounded by the luxe ambiance, or by having cater their celebration in a venue of their choosing.

Wafu 999 Teppanyaki-All-You-Can
Enjoy a unique experience with Wafu’s Teppan-All-You-Can offering. Sit down with family or friends in one of the teppan tables in the second floor and have your fill as our skilled chefs prepare your meats, seafood, vegetables, and Japanese fried rice, right before your eyes.

Wafu 888 Ala Carte Buffet
Get your fill of Japanese favorites with the All New Wafu Buffet at the ground floor. At only P888++ per person, choose 1 main and enjoy all-you-can-eat on crispy Tempura, as well as salad, miso soup, and a selection of delicious rolls.

Wafu Happy Hour
Traffic wearing you down? Or simply looking for a place to wind the day down? Look no further. At Wafu, 5pm – 8pm is happy hour. Enjoy unlimited servings of your favorite Japanese street food such as Yakitori, Sashimi and Rolls. Then wash them all down with unlimited draft beer or Japanese sake. All for only P550++ per head. Kampai!

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