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Monday, August 24, 2020

The benefits of using a bidet

Filipinos are familiar with the impressive cleaning capability of bidets, but many still think that their bathroom is fine without it, opting instead for the classic water dipper (tabo) or the handy toilet paper. Some welcome bidets in public toilets but do not see them as necessary in homes and residences.  

The bidet, however, is a useful toilet essential providing worthy benefits for everyday use.

Easy and effective cleaning
The most common bidet is the handheld type or what some call bidet sprayer. Simple and easy to use, the sprayer is widely used commercially and, in many homes, and offices. Installed next to the toilet seat for easy access, the handheld bidet sprayer makes cleaning simple yet effective. Using a spray type also requires only minimal effort as it can be used with just one hand. 

The Luxe Hygiene Spray from Kohler Co. is designed with an intuitive flow control for better pressure control regardless of the home’s water pressureThe handle is positioned further from the spray face and air induction ensures full area coverage while keeping the hands dry. The sleek product comes in an antibacterial metal body with an ergonomic design featuring a longer body for greater reach and flexibility. As this spray gives more control to the user, the powerful tool cleans with only half the effort. 

Greater hygiene and skin protection
Toilet paper could be rough on the skin. The fancier flushable wet wipe, meanwhile, usually contains perfumes and chemicals that may cause irritations and allergies, especially in kids and the elderly. Moreover, cleaning with toilet paper or wipes doesn’t guarantee a full sweep of the area. Using water instead ensures a better and more hygienic cleaning without the risk of irritating the skin.
Enjoy hands-free cleansing with C3-030 Manual Bidet Seat’s dual wand system that even spritzes air bubbles for an enjoyable soft water spray

Equipped with easy-control side panel, the C3-030 Manual Bidet Seat allows customization of water pressure without the need to be plugged into any power source

Bidets installed on seats provide extra ease and comfort as they do not require use of the hands. Kohler Co.’s C3-030 Manual Bidet Seat features a dual-wand system that eliminates the need to twist and reach out to wash intimate areas, making front and rear personal cleansing much easier. A simple switch customizes water pressure to prevent spills, splatters and discomfort.

Better long-term savings
Bidets may be seen as a luxury, but the long-term savings outweigh the initial costs of purchase and installation. The initial dent on the wallet is small compared with buying endless rolls of toilet paper. This is even more so nowadays with prices of toilet paper rising significantly in recent months due to the pandemic, going up as much as 17.76 percent the last month in the local market and making the Philippines the sixth country worldwide with the highest toilet paper inflation.[1]

In addition to the long-term savings, using bidets helps reduce wastes. With less use of toilet paper and flushable wipes, we decrease the amount of wastes going to local landfills and releasing harmful contaminants in our air, land and water.

Best in class
Kohler Co., a global leader in design and innovation of kitchen and bath products, continues to elevate the bathroom experience through premium products and designs as highlighted in the Luxe Hygiene Spray and C3-030 Manual Bidet Seat. 

The Luxe Hygiene Spray boasts advanced KatalystTM air-induction spray technology that distributes water pressure evenly through its optimized nozzles, providing full coverage with an incomparable experience. Its seamless antibacterial silicone handle prevents dirt traps and is easy to clean while the premium metal body is resistant to damage and leaks. 

The C3-030 Manual Bidet has a self-cleaning nozzle benefit, preventing the growth of germs that cause unpleasant odors, irritation and sickness. It does not need to be plugged into a power socket or battery pack to deliver optimum functionality.

Both the Luxe Hygiene Spray and C3-030 Manual Bidet Seat meet Kohler’s stringent hygiene spray performance test to assure homes of an excellent bathroom quality product. For more details on Kohler’s latest bidets, visit

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