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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Experience a smarter viewing experience with Samsung’s NEW TU8000 Crystal UHD TVs

With most of the country still on community quarantine, a lot of families are spending their time watching their favorite tv shows, videos and online content, making quality entertainment devices such as smart TVs, an essential in Filipino homes.

Samsung, the Global No. 1 TV for 14 years, has been coming up with products that are laden with technology-driven features, to provide families with only the best entertainment possible.

Now, the brand is introducing its latest, feature-packed Samsung TU8000 Crystal UHD TV. Apart from providing colors for more vivid and crisp pictures through a stunning 4K UHD screen, the latest smart TV offers one of the most convenient viewing experiences with its Tap View, Bixby Voice Assistant and Ambient Mode, for crystal-clear entertainment with the entire family.

With the TU8000 Crystal UHD TV’s Tap View, one can easily cast images and videos from their smartphones with the rest of the family by simply tapping their phone on the smart TV.

A Bixby Voice Assistant function lets the family “talk” directly to the smart TV, enabling it to perform specific tasks through simple voice commands. This makes for a more enhanced entertainment experience as time spent navigating through menus is greatly minimized.

The Crystal UHD TV’s adaptive Ambient mode, on the other hand, enables the smart TV to seamlessly blend in with the surroundings and be a beautiful display when not in use. Ambient mode enables the family to add color and personality to their living space, even showcasing their favorite family photos as wallpaper.

Aside from these prime features, the Crystal UHD TV delivers an immersive real 4K UHD resolution for a powerful picture quality courtesy of an ultra-fast crystal processor 4K. Its slim, 3 side bezel-less design also makes for a truly immersive viewing experience because it lets the family see the picture and not the TV, drawing everyone into the screen, even from different angles.

For more exciting family-bonding activities, the Crystal UHD TV also features an auto game mode which readily optimizes the screen and minimizes input lag, giving dad and the kids a smooth gaming experience, and the best reasons to enjoy their favorite online games.

Rarin’ to let your family have the most convenient viewing experience? Now is the best time to get the latest Samsung TU8000 Crystal UHD TV!

The TU8000 Crystal UHD is now available at Samsung's authorized dealer stores nationwide. As of writing, the 43-inch model has an SRP of P27,999, the 50-inch at SRP P33,999 and the 55-inch model at SRP P41,999. 

Discounts are available for cash and straight card transactions.

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