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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

You can now enjoy Hey! I am Yogost drinks in the comforts of your home

Do you often feel guilty indulging in your favorite sweet treat? Or do you find healthy food less flavorful, making you want another “cheat day”? Here’s one great news for you. “Hey! I am Yogost!”, a global yogurt-based drink, is finally here in the Philippines!

Yogost makes it possible for you to have the best of both worlds - enjoying your sweet treat while still being on track with your health goals. Every cup of Yogost drink is made with all-natural probiotic yogurt that has the right balance of sweetness and tanginess specially customized for the Filipino sweet tooth. For its sinker, it mainly uses naturally sweet and chewy purple rice, known since the ancient era as a superfood for its high concentration of antioxidant. It also blends perfectly with real fruits. 

Yogost drinks are offered in four different series, featuring the best flavors that you could imagine for a sweet treat. If you simply want the creamy goodness of sweet and tangy yogurt, the Rich Series is best for you. If you’re craving something light and refreshing, you should try the VC Series - yogurt infused with green tea and real fruits high in Vitamin C. If you are familiar with the yogurt and fruit combination, you are sure to find your favorite in the Fruit Series. And finally, if you want to expand your palates by trying new and unique flavors, you will definitely enjoy the Blossom Series

Still not sure where to begin? Start with the signature Yogost Purple Rice and discover how Yogost perfectly balances the natural flavors of yogurt and purple rice, specially customized for the Filipino sweet tooth. 

Or if you want to enjoy your boba pearls in a healthier way, order Boba Loca. You should also try Aloha Berry – yogurt with blueberry and pineapple, and Love You Strawberry Much – yogurt with strawberry, and find out why they are the top favorites around the world, apart from their vibrant colors. 

Be truly refreshed by Orange You The Sweetest – yogurt infused with green tea and orange. Everyone is also going crazy for Would Jujube my Date – yogurt with jujube and purple rice. Adjust the tanginess level according to your preference – Original is their signature blend, if you want it extra tangy, you can Double the yogurt at no additional cost. You can customize the sweetness level to your liking too. 

Now, there’s no need to deprive your sweet tooth and you can #indulgeeveryday with #yogostph. With its health benefits and affordable price, Yogost is your new go-to refreshment and treat after a long day. “We want our customers to truly enjoy what they consume without having to worry about how unhealthy it may be. It's important to provide options that are not only flavorful, but healthy and reasonably priced as well. That's exactly what Yogost offers and we're excited to finally be able to offer this to the Philippine market.” says Justin Lim, President of The Purple Rice Inc., the company that introduced Yogost into the Philippines. 

You and your friends will surely rave about all Yogost drinks – with names that will perk you up, and vibrant colors that will entice your palates and those of your Instagram followers. It’s no wonder why, in just two years since it started, Yogost has become a massive phenomenon trending around the world. It has at least 71 stores including those in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, China, Canada and Malaysia. It will also soon open in Singapore, Indonesia and the US. 

Yogost is open daily in Ayala Malls Manila Bay and Greenhills Promenade. Order thru Grab Food, Food Panda and Lala Food and treat yourself with any of Yogost drinks in the comforts of your home. Be sure to follow their Facebook Page – Yogost Philippines and Instagram Page – Yogostph for updates. 

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