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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Halo-Halo Story: Beat the heat and quench your thirst with 7 different flavors that are perfect for summer

The Philippines is a country that boasts of many colorful and flavorful desserts, but perhaps none is more popular than the halo-halo.

Halo-halo is a dessert that embodies the Filipino culture of mixing and blending different ingredients. It is said that the dessert originated during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines when the Japanese soldiers would mix leftover sweetened beans, fruits, and milk with ice to make a refreshing dessert. The Filipinos then took this idea and made it their own by adding more ingredients like ube (purple yam), leche flan, and pinipig (crispy rice flakes).
Duncan Yu, Halo Halo Story Owner


One of the reasons why Filipinos love halo-halo is that it is a versatile dessert. You can mix and match different ingredients to suit your preference. Some people prefer their halo-halo with more fruits, while others like it with more beans and jellies. Some like it with a lot of milk, while others prefer it with just a little. The possibilities are endless, and that is what makes halo-halo so special. Another reason why Filipinos love halo-halo is that it is a dessert that brings people together. In a country where the weather can be scorching hot, halo-halo is the perfect dessert to share with friends and family. It is a dessert that is best enjoyed with others, and it is not uncommon to see groups of people sharing a big bowl of halo-halo.

This Filipino fascination with halo-halo is what inspired Duncan Yu to begin his own “Halo-Halo Story”


“Halo-Halo Story” is a dessert spot that offers a unique halo-halo experience. But instead of just serving your usual traditional halo-halo, they offer unique flavors like Buko Pie, Four Cheese, and Maja Blanca. Each flavor is inspired by Yu's personal childhood favorites, and the process of creating each flavor is like a readymade recipe.

What sets Halo-Halo Story apart from other halo-halo joints is their commitment to exploring new flavors. Yu believes that new ideas come from the past, and he is not afraid to experiment with new ingredients to create unique and delicious halo-halo flavors. For example, the Buko Pie flavor was inspired by the buko pie chains in Tagaytay, which are just a few meters away from each other and yet still doing well. The Four Cheese flavor was inspired by the common flavor of pizzas and pastas, and the challenge was to figure out which four cheeses would work together. The Maja Blanca flavor was inspired by Duncan's childhood memories of an ambulant vendor who would always offer different kakanin, and he would always choose Maja Blanca.

This commitment to innovation is what makes Halo-Halo Story a must-try for anyone who loves this cold treat.


Yu's vision for Halo-Halo Story goes beyond just serving delicious desserts. He wants to create a space where people can come together and share their stories. He believes that in today's world, where social media has made it easy to connect with people online, we have lost the art of face-to-face communication. Halo-Halo Story also wants to create a welcoming environment where customers can come and relax, catch up with friends, and share their stories.


Halo-Halo Story recently opened their first drive-thru branch along Quezon Avenue near Banawe St., and they have upcoming stores at SM Sta. Mesa (Food Hall) and SM Southmall (SM Food Court). With their unique flavors and commitment to creating a space for people to connect over desserts, Halo-Halo Story is sure to continue delighting customers for years to come.

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