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Thursday, March 30, 2023

AirAsia Philippines launches alwaysREADY ngayong Semana Santa

AirAsia Philippines is kicking off the Holy Week celebration with alwaysREADY ngayong Semana Santa, a Corporate Sustainability and Social Responsibility (CSSR) initiative that aims to promote readiness and provide assistance among its guests traveling to various provinces for this much anticipated Catholic tradition.

Guests arriving at the NAIA Terminal 4 were personally welcomed by AirAsia Chief Executive Officer Ricky Isla who earlier conducted a routine inspection to ensure the safety, convenience, and hassle-free travels among AirAsia guests.

With the expected influx of travelers gunning to spend the long weekend in their respective provinces, AirAsia allocated 12 check-in counters manned by well-trained ground staff to assist guests around the clock.

Additional volunteers composed of cabin crew trainees and interns were also deployed to assist passengers at the self-check-in kiosks and maximize the use of mobile check-in through the airasia Super App.

A Customer Happiness Booth was also set up to assist guests with immediate rebooking concerns conveniently.

AirAsia Philippines Chief Executive Officer Ricky Isla said, “We are one with the Filipino people in observing one of the most important religious celebrations in the country. On top of our world's best service, we are extremely humbled to fly our guests to the different destinations having safety, convenience, and on-time performance (OTP) as our top priority."

On 28 March, AirAsia posted an outstanding OTP of 99% which can be attributed to the commitment and dedication among its Allstars (employees) to safely and efficiently transport guests and cargo to its destinations.

"AirAsia wishes to highlight readiness among Filipinos during their travels. We are #alwaysREADY for our guests, making processes simple and effective through our digital platform, the airasia Super App," added Isla.

Over 150,000 AirAsia guests are expected to travel to destinations outside Metro Manila during the Holy Week. To assist guests, the World’s Best Low-Cost Airline also issued quick travel reminders via social media.

alwaysREADY ngayong Semana Santa which is also in partnership with the Department of Transportation (DOTr), Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA), Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP), and Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) will run from 30 March to 10 April 2023.

To beat the summer heat, AirAsia CSSR partners such as SIP Purified Water also heeded the call of volunteerism and donated FREE bottled drinking water for guests. 

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