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Sunday, March 26, 2023

Donny is the newest face of Belo’s ADVAYouth laser

The process of aging is gradual and varies from person to person. It is generally believed that the signs of aging begin to appear in our mid to late twenties. At this point, the production of collagen and elastin, which are responsible for keeping our skin firm and elastic, begins to decrease. As a result, fine lines and wrinkles may start to appear, and the skin may become less firm and elastic.

There’s always a point in our twenties when we ask the million-dollar question: “When exactly do I start aging?” Many sources will give you mixed answers, but Dr. Vicki Belo has a hard and fast answer: “Aging starts at 25, because that’s when your hormones decline.”

It’s not a secret that everybody ages. But how to delay aging is also no longer a mystery. This is where prejuvenation comes in: the practice of starting anti-aging treatments and skincare at a younger age to prevent signs of aging that tend to catch up on us later in life. So what’s the best way to kickstart your era of prejuvenation? Well, Donny Pangilinan just might have the answer to that. 


From the face to the name, Donny needs no further introduction, other than him being the newest face of Belo’s ADVAYouth laser. Successfully reviving classic matinee idol charms and unapologetic sweetness with his longtime leading lady, Donny is the poster boy of living your best life in your ‘20s. But those who lead the same life know that being constantly screen-strapped, beach-bound and matted with makeup leaves us exposed to UV damage, acne, acne scars, sun spots and skin texture. 


Belo ADVALight is a skin treatment that’s literally a treat for your skin, thanks to the world’s first and only solid-state yellow laser, made up of two wavelengths: one that heals your scars and hyperpigmentation, as well as zaps the bacteria that causes acne, and another that calms down the oiliness and boosts the collagen that keeps wrinkles and fine lines absent. “Prior to ADVALight, we could only treat acne through medicine and topical solutions,” Dr. Belo shares. “Now, because of this laser machine that shrinks pores, inflammation and redness, you can have clear and refined skin by using ADVALight every two weeks, for four to six sessions.” Clearly, ADVALight has all the perks of prejuvenation wrapped up in an easy, hassle-free, and virtually painless 30-minute session you don’t even need to recover from. Suffering from scars that’s not on your face? ADVALight can target those on the body, too.


With the help of Donny Pangilinan, Belo invites 20 and 30-something go-getters to keep their eyes on the prize and practice the science of delayed gratification: in a few years, consistent sessions of ADVALight will make you look—and—feel like you’re not a day over 25. 


To book a consultation, visit Belo’s official website here.



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