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Saturday, January 25, 2014


When Puregold held its first VIPuring Convention for its Gold Members last year of November 2013, financial adviser Francisco Colayco’s speech served as an eye opener for most members who are just starting out with their business. His talk focused on the importance of investing and gave tips on how to properly run your business.

For VIPuring 2, it was speaker Chinkee Tan’s turn to further inspire the members on how to take their business to the next level.

“Upgrade your business, Upgrade your Life!” Was the battle cry of the actor-turned-best-selling author who has become one of the country’s top wealth coaches. He gives financial advice on TV5’s Kumare Klub and Balitaang Tapat and his program, Chink Positive!, was named KBP 20th Golden Dove Awards’ Best Special Program awardee in 2011.

 “Ano ang bago? What is new? He says is often the first thing that we, as customers, often ask whenever we visit our favorite stores.”

New things easily fascinate us he observed and that we perceive new things as something better—an upgrade to what we currently have.

But just as we upgrade our cellphones yearly, we should also think about upgrading our lives.

In order to be successful, Tan said we need to put our mind and heart into everything that you do. “Big mindset plus big action equals big result.”

“There is only one thing permanent in this world and that is CHANGE.  If you don’t innovate, you
EVAPORATE,” Tan said

He urged the audience to upgrade, invest and go premium.

He explained three things to achieve better success in business

The first is to Upgrade your frame of mind.
 “To upgrade your life you have to upgrade you mindset--- read a lot of books, attend seminars, and ask experts for advice—invest in knowledge.

The second is to Upgrade your Products:  This means to go premium and offer premium products which often yield better profit margins.

The third is to Upgrade your Capital:  “It would be impossible to grow your business without adding more capital,” he said.

He noted that poverty mentality is a mindset of the poor and negativity has no place for everyone or anyone who wants to be successful.  “Impossible lumaki ang kita mo pero ang mindset mo ay maliit.”

He then used the analogy of mindset + action = result, thus
Small mindset + Small action = Small Result
Big mindset + Big action = Big Result
Positive mindset + Positive action = Positive Result and
Negative mindset + Negative action = Negative Result

On facing Fear and why we need more money,
Together with several other bloggers, I had the chance to interview with Chinkee Tan.

“Like I said the only thing permanent in this world is change, and I do believe that most of us are products of changes,” he began.

He urged us to go beyond improving our IQ, or intelligence because information is already out there, and said we need to focus more on developing our Emotional Quotient EQ, or how we relate with other people and AQ or Adversity Quotient which is pertains to our ability to respond to changes and how we adapt.

Learning how to adjust he says was crucial when he made the transition from being an actor to a motivational speaker. “Kailangan alam mo paano mag adjust. Hindi ako natatakot umulit. Hindi ako natatakot magsimula. Just  like what I tell people always, start small but think big!”

He acknowledged that fear can sometimes be the biggest obstacle to making that change: Remember when you started to ride a bike? You fall, you get wounded and you get hurt. Pero bakit hindi ka tumigil? Kasi gusto mo matuto. And that is very important. Your desire to learn, your desire to win, and your desire to succeed should be greater than your fear of failing.”

As for money being your motivation to succeed, he replied, “Find something that you love to do so that you don’t have to work for another day in your life. Do it with passion, and don’t do it just because of money . Your ultimate goal should be to win and be the best in what you do, like Michael Jordan or Manny Pacquiao. Money is only a result of a job well done.”You should learn how to grow your money,  learn how to transfer your active income into passive income. You need to have a vision and passion in everything that you do.

The reason why we have to make lots of money he says is so that we can become a blessing to others,  and share what we learned. “Iba yung feelng na kapag successful ka na, and nakakapagbigay na sa ibang tao—that is something na hindi kayang bayaran ng pera.” Poverty mentality is a mindset of the poor, negativity has no place for everyone or anyone who wants to to be successful.

Puregold VIPuring Convention part 2
After its hugely successful first run, Procter & Gamble Distributing Philippines, Inc. and Puregold brought back an event that aims to empower and elevate Pinoy entrepreneurship—the VIPuring Convention II.
This exclusive event for Puregold “Tindahan ni Aling Puring” GOLD members was also P&G and Puregold’s way of thanking retailers and entrepreneurs for their loyalty and support. The event’s highlight centered on an inspiring talk about how to level up one’s business that provided inside information on growing one’s business.

“The VIPuring Convention returned because the first one was so successful and truly made an impact on retailers and entrepreneurs. P&G and Puregold felt that it’s a good advocacy to make top store owners and entrepreneurs know how important they are not just to their immediate communities but also to the country’s economy. We will always be supportive of our partners and we will continue to equip them with the right tools and the right products that will help them grow their businesses,” Raffy Fajardo, Marketing Director of P&G Distributing, Inc., stated.

The P&G and Puregold VIPuring Convention II also presented opportunities for GOLD members to win exciting prizes and enjoy great on-the-day deals and markdowns on select P&G products.

 “We plan to have this event as an integral Puregold and P&G tradition so that we can encourage them to do well and excel in their endeavors,” Fajardo said.

Besides the motivational talk another major component of the convention was the first-class, VIP broadway-themed entertainment that delighted the audience.

Ciara Sotto and Ramon Bautista hosted the VIPuring event.

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