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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Mumbai Love

Capestone Pictures Inc. has joined forces with Solar Entertainment Corporation in the romantic comedy team-up of sexy and beauteous Solenn Heusaff and talented new actor Kiko Matos.  

Mumbai Love is a cross-cultural romantic comedy shot on location in India and the Philippines. The story is centered on the love between Solenn and Kiko from two different worlds who will risk everything even racial differences of age-old traditions because of their love for each other.

Solenn has enjoyed doing the movie Mumbai Love. She has improved her craft, the reason why she has lots of projects both on TV and the movies.Her film titled Status: It’s Complicated is doing well in the box office and her TV series Sa Akin Pa Rinang Bukas is gaining more followers who love drama and suspense.

How does it feel to be the lead actress of Mumbai Love?

“We really became like a family and there’s rapport of the actors on the screen.The film features breathtaking scenic spots in Mumbai and I learned about their culture and traditions. I admire the kindness of my love interest in the movie, Kiko. He’s a real gentleman. I’m happy to work with such a fabulous director, cast and crew. I’m really proud of this movie”, says Solenn.

Upcoming actor Kiko Matos who first caught our attention in the movie Babagwa said he couldn’t believe that he was to become lead actor when he first auditioned for Mumbai Love. This movie is one big break for Kiko’s acting career where he really learned a lot on acting from multi-awarded director Benito Bautista.

He also auditioned for Sonder which took Honorable Mention award in the Short Films Category during the 25th Gawad CCP para sa Alternatibo at Video. The Mumbai Love auditions were announced online and Kiko tried his luck for the lead character of Nandi. Even with his manager’s (Mell Navarro) wish for him to land even a supporting role, Kiko took the bold move and got the lead role of Nandi, an Indian tourist guide.

“When I first saw Solenn in the auditions, I was star-struck because of her stunning beauty and oozing sex appeal. Later on, I found her to be a really wonderful and beautiful person inside and out. I love her as a person,” Kiko muses.

Kiko also fell in love with the beautiful traditions and culture of India while shooting there, not to mention the scenic and historic places they visited. Kiko Matos was one of the winners of TV Idol, male teen talent search of MTB ang Saya-Saya. He also did fashion modeling and was seen on several TV commercials. 

Mumbai Love is directed by multi-awarded director Benito Bautista and is distributed by Solar Entertainment Corporation. Showing soon at your favorite theaters.

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