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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Red Ribbon expressed their sweetest feelings of love with the Give Love Today “Gift Box”


From little gestures to life-changing moments, happiness can be found in the things and relationships we encounter every day. With so many things happening all around us, it’s clear that what the world needs now is more love. It’s also the little things that make someone’s day brighter and complete.

Red Ribbon, known for their delicious celebration cakes and pastries, enabled people from all walks of life to express their sweetest feelings of love with the Give Love Today “Gift Box” event held on April 23 at 5th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. This was an initiative that encouraged people to share love not only to those close to them but also to the rest of the world. 

“Red Ribbon has a 43-year-old love story with Filipinos, where we are present at their special celebrations. The Gift Box event was our way of encouraging people to share their love not just on special occasions but every day. We want families to be able to express their love more openly to each other and friends to let each other know how special they are. This is our way of sharing love and happiness, especially as we are emerging from the pandemic,” says Red Ribbon Marketing Head Cathleen Capati.

Watch or relive how people gave love and how Red Ribbon shared love with everyone by watching the Red Ribbon Give Love Today “Gift Box” event video on their official Facebook page.

All we need is love, sweet love
From couples celebrating their love, children who tell their parents how much they are appreciated, to friends who are thankful to have each other, the Give Love Today campaign showed them that all we need is love and there’s no better feeling than expressing it or receiving it. 

At the event, people expressed how much they love their family and the special people in their lives with messages ranging from simple “I love you”s to all-out performances.

EJ Miranda thanked her aunt, Trely Miranda, for raising her and, in the darkest moments of her life, being her rock.

“I was diagnosed with cancer in 2008 and my aunt helped me through my treatments and supported me all the way. I wouldn’t be alive without her,” EJ said through tears. “She also raised me since I was a child. It’s like she gave her life for me, that’s why I love her so much.”

Zedric Schneider meanwhile thanked his dad for doing his best as a single father after his wife passed away.

"Thank you for being the best dad. It must have been hard being a single dad, especially without mama, but you did it," he told his father.

In an impromptu performance, he also paid tribute to the love his parents had for each other by singing their theme song, David Pomeranz's "Got to Believe in Magic."

"'Cause it's magic when my parents fell in love," Zedric sang.

Each message was made even sweeter with the Red Ribbon gift box containing their favorite Red Ribbon products and other amazing items, such as stuffed toys, roses, ukeleles, inflatable pools, and even a foldable bike.

As a special treat for the crowd, Red Ribbon also gave away pastry packs to share with their loved ones and encourage them to give love every day.

Red Ribbon makes love sweeter
The Give Love Today Gift Box event showed that expressions of love should not be reserved for special occasions, as there are many types of love. Kind gestures to family, friends, and even those you encounter outside your home, can show how much you care can really make a difference in someone else’s day. 

Share love today with Red Ribbon’s delicious treats such as its best-selling Black Forest Cake, Chocolate Dedication cake, Triple Chocolate Roll, Cheesy Ensaimada, and Butter Mamon. These are available at Red Ribbon counters, store delivery, or through your favorite food delivery apps. 

To view Red Ribbon’s menu, visit or order via the Red Ribbon App, Hotline #87777 or via GrabFood and foodpanda.




  1. Yay! So cute and sweet namna nito. Thanks red ribbon for this. I love it ❤️

  2. You're the best Red Ribbon,nice idea and yummy treats 🤤🤍I love their cakes

  3. Yay love this gift box the best din talaga ang red ribbon 🎀

  4. Wow npka gandang event nman nito . Tlga nman isa sa the best ang redribbon 🥰❤️


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