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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Must Watch: McDonald’s latest TV commercial celebrates the unconditional love of parents for their children

Remember wanting to win trophies or contests as a child but never making a podium finish? How about falling in love with art but not being able to perfectly color inside the lines? Were you the kid who loved dancing but had two left feet? No one ever starts out being a pro at anything, but many would agree that the support and love received from mom and dad can make all the difference.

For parents, no defeat can make them love their child any less. As long as they do their best and follow their dream, mom and dad couldn’t be any prouder. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter whether they finish first, last, or not at all. They will always be number one for their parents.
McDonald’s launches its newest TVC titled, “Laging Mahal ni Nanay at Tatay,” which candidly depicts the silly, not-so-picture-perfect moments that make family life challenging and rewarding at the same time. Watch it here

The TV commercial humorously and heartwarmingly affirms how unconditional love goes both ways—that kids, though still learning, try their best and give little tokens of love in ways they know how. Similarly, it pays tribute to the unwavering support parents pour into their children’s passions and quirks, regardless of the outcome.

Combining the element of nostalgia and the joys of parenthood, the video tugs at the heartstrings of viewers both young and old and shares a valuable truth about the precious moments of parenthood.

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