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Monday, September 19, 2022

Make your IG feed aesthetic and show your artistry in the realm of social media with vivo V25 Series

Whether inside the classroom, in extracurricular activities, or in sports, Gen Zs and Millennials are truly competitive. One cannot help but notice the amount of effort and creativity they put into everything that they do. With the advent of photo-sharing apps like Instagram, it can’t be denied that these young individuals didn't just come to play, they show up to slay that bookmark-worthy IG feed.

vivo rounded up a list of tips and tricks so you, too, can make your IG feed aesthetic and show your artistry in the realm of social media with vivo V25 Series.

Curate a consistent and visually appealing color scheme 


The first thing your Instagram followers will notice when they visit your profile isn’t the well-written captions but, rather, the aesthetic of your feed. If you want to make it more visually appealing, you must carefully select a consistent color palette that is sober and harmonious to the eye and sparks creativity.


Good thing, the vivo V25 Series features a Photochromic 2.0 Technology, the world's first in the smartphone industry, that can add additional aesthetics and blend well to the theme of your IG feed. The Flourite AG Glass that changes colors when exposed to sunlight is truly an additional beaut that you showcase on your Instagram account.


Share and Publish Visual Masterpieces


Now that you have colors bagged, you have to also focus on your content subjects. You have to make sure that the photos you'll post look clean and fab and complement the overall theme of your account. Keep the creativity flowing by also exploring various angles and shots. Whether you stay at home or go out, you will never run out of moments and subjects to document. Be it as simple as your morning coffee or as magical as capturing the night sky full of stars, absolutely everything tells a story and can magnify the beauty of your social feed. The key here is to ensure that no image looks awkward and messy from the rest. 


The vivo V25 Series is here to help as you document every little and grand moment, day or night. Equipped with superb imaging capabilities like the 64 MP OIS Ultra-Sensing Camera and Hybrid Image Stabilization, the vivo V25 Series promises that each IG post, whether carousel or reel, is spectacular. With the vivo V25 Series' OIS and EIS module, you can ensure that every photo and video is clear and smooth even when shot in low light conditions. 


Additional tip: share a selfie, too! You are not just the owner of your IG account, you're also a visual masterpiece. With vivo V25's 50 MP Eye AF Selfie, you'll always be selfie-ready from sunset to sunrise. So go on and share some of your best selfie shots.


Choose a Creative Instagram Grid Layout


A visually appealing grid layout is a nice-to-have feature on your IG feed as it keeps your profile's overall look and feels organized, clean, and cohesive. In order to map out a well-manicured grid, you have to ensure that no photos look out of place. Each photo must connect and complement the previous posts to enhance the overall aesthetic of your feed.


The vivo V25 Pro is equipped with a 6.56-inch FHD+ AMOLED curved display to give you a better and clearer view of your IG feed so you can easily check whether your content fits your profile.


Don’t forget about your IG Stories, too!


Mastering a grid layout and planning a perfect Instagram grid shouldn’t only be your priority. You have to look beyond your feed, too – check the design of your IG stories! The color scheme and theme should also add up to the aesthetics of your Instagram profile. Take advantage of the story highlight covers available online and do some mix and match. The fun thing about IG stories is that you can customize and label them, so make sure you have plenty of stories to share – be it a food crawl, a night stroll, or travel with the fam. With vivo V25 Series' massive 256 GB memory capacity, you can capture, save, and share as many stories as you want, day or night.


Creating a visually appealing Instagram feed can sometimes be challenging and time-consuming, but it can also be fun! So take as much time as you need on curating, designing, and channeling your creativity with vivo V25 Series. After all, beautiful things take time, and doing what you love is always worth the hassle. 


The vivo V25 series is expected to arrive in the Philippines soon so follow vivo's official websiteFacebookInstagramTwitterand YouTube channels to receive real-time updates about vivo's newest products and offers.

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