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Monday, April 4, 2016

Get the pampering you deserve at Orange Blush Salon

There's been such a shift toward strong, empowered women who want to look beautiful and polished, but who don't want to be slaves to their hair.  Each cut that we want is tailor-made for our hair's texture, allowing us to put as much — or as little — work into it as needed. By having a style that works with you, and not against you, you'll find styling to be a lot easier. In my case, I have been sporting the long layered textured look for about a decade now. I cant cut  into a bob, because I feel it doesnt look good on me. It isnt me. That's why I have been playing with colors lately.

Almost all of us have our hair colored or dyed, one way or another in the reddest of red, blue, purple, green or gray. And we all went crazy with ombres too. Now that summer is here, everyone wants to sport a new hairstyle or color to suit one's taste, be it a long layered look or a short bob or that hair color trend rainbow which was last year's is back again this summer.

Whether you want a whole new hair look or just a slight update, get a head start with Orange Blush Salon's Sakto  Deals.

Orange Blush Salon, The Rebond Center recently launch their Summer Sakto Deals last March 31 at Limbaga 77, headed by the Orange Blush owner Joby Linsangan Moreno. We were all treated with the pampering we deserve. I got my nails manicured with red, while others got their hair colored.

To make caring for hair easier for clients this summer, Orange Blush is introducing three package deals at special prices.

Sakto Deal 1 (for P999) includes rebond with cellophane, keratin treatment, hair spa and hair shine treatments.

Sakto Deal 2 (for P1499) includes rebond with permanent color, cellophane, keratin treatment, hair spa and hair shine treatments.

Sakto Deal 3 (for P2499) includes rebond with Brazilian keratin treatment, cellophane, hair spa and hair shine treatments.

This summer, keep your hair in tip-top shape with their special summer ‘Sakto Deals’ at Orange Blush Salon.

“Just like with any other hair treatments, hair should be treated with extra care this summer due exposure to sun, to chemical-treated water, and salt water,” says Orange Blush owner Joby Linsangan Moreno

According to Joby, once your hair is treated—whether it’s rebonded, highlighted or colored—it should always be treated with conditioning treatments regularly to avoid hair dryness and split ends. One may be advised to have his/her hair rebonded, as long as hair is also treated with hair conditioning treatments like hair spa, hot oil, essential oils on a regular basis.

Aside from the above-mentioned packages, Orange Blush Salon is also introducing Cooling Hair Treatments to beat the summer heat, mentholated hot oil and hair spa, mentholated foot scrub and bright, happy colors for nails.

Further, all their services come with a warranty (to ensure that their services were done properly, and to ensure that customers are satisfied with the services), a biscuits buffet and orange juice for total comfort and protection of their clients.

With these packages, says Joby, you shouldn’t be afraid to have your hair treated, especially rebonded, this summer. So visit Orange Blush Salon and let the experts show you how to get that stunning summer look now!

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  1. Hmmm the prices aren't bad but it's going to all come down to the service and products used on you. :)

    CJ | From Manila with Love : Beauty, Life & Feminism


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