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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Relive the BEATLES experience on Oct 17

 The Act you've known all these years,  The JOHN PAUL GEORGE & RINGO, the  BRITAIN'S FINEST as the BEATLES will be holding their first concert in the PH on October 17 at The Theatre  Solaire. 

The Beatles were more than just a bunch of hit songs.
The Look, The Sound, The Culture and most significantly the ENERGY of the youth in the 1960 was all ignited by the coming of the Fab Four from Liverpool.

BRITAIN'S FINEST is an ALL STAR CAST handpicked by the HOLLYWOOD producers at MUSIC ZIRCONIA to be the standard that all other BEATLES tributes will strive for. The cast as served in other well known acts such as The Fab Four & ABBEY road to name a few.


Our John Lennon was recently cast in a major motion picture as a JOHN in the BEATLESA , soon to be released by MIRAMAX.

If you want to experience the best Beatles tribute today, you won’t want to miss Britain's Finest.
Britain's Finest transcends far above other Beatles Tributes due to their precise attention to detail. With uncanny, note-for-note live renditions of Beatles’ classics such as “I Want To Hold Your Hand,” “Yesterday,” She Loves You," “Twist And Shout,” “Hello Goodbye", Sgt. Pepper's," “Something,” and “Hey Jude,” Britain's Finest will make you think and feel you are watching the real thing.

Their good looks, witty personality, and amazing stage performances include three costume changes representing every era of the Beatles career, and this admiring and faithful tribute to the Beatles has amazed audiences nationally and internationally. Britain's Finest is truly the complete Beatles experience.


Britain’s Finest is an experience unlike any other. You may have seen Beatles tribute acts before, but this time you’ll be in awe of the enthusiasm and energy for which they are recognized and remembered. After every performance, audience members are struck at first by the incredible recreation of those oh-so-familiar songs the world has come to love, but then become mesmerized by the off-the-cuff humor and the cheeky banter that takes place between songs.
If you haven’t seen Britain’s Finest in action, you’ve been missing out on a terrific show that brings families and friends together for a wonderful time filled with singing and joy. The appeal for the music transcends all audiences of any age. You’ll notice that the chemistry between the lads is apparent to all who watch and is contagious to say the least.
If you’re a Beatles fan and have always wished you could see them, Britain’s Finest may be just what you’re looking for. If you’ve seen the REAL Beatles and wish you could relive the magic, then Britain’s Finest wants to help transport you back to that wonderful moment in time. Their youthful appearance and their uncanny resemblance to the Lads themselves will keep you smiling throughout the show.

Britain’s Finest was featured twice on AXS TV’s “The
World’s Greatest Tribute Bands”, they held the top four
spots in the Volume 5 compilation song chart of the same name available on iTunes. On Chris Carter’s Sunday morning’s “Breakfast with the Beatles” show on KLOS 95.5,

Chris Carter said, “Interviewing Britain’s Finest must have
been what it would’ve been like interviewing the Beatles”, which was a huge compliment. Britain’s Finest was also featured in an article by Niki Payne on CBS Los Angeles, Best Tribute bands in LA. She wrote, “Britain’s Finest is as close to the real deal as you may ever find in this lifetime”. Lee DeCarlo, recording engineer for John Lennon’s “Double Fantasy” album said after a performance at a private event, “ You guys are really great, you remind me so much of the lads”.

Britain’s Finest has performed at venues like: Knott’s Berry Farm, The Lawrence Welk Theater, Beatles Fair - San Diego, Summer Concert’s in the park, Hard Rock Café - Las Vegas, Encore, House of Blues - San Diego, Del Mar Fab Fair 2014, Speaking Rock Entertainment Center, San Felipe Hollywood Casino, Fountain Inn Performing Arts Center and many more.

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