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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Share your #GoodWeird and win prizes

 Around the world, Lenovo is telling the story of its most recognizable consumer products – YOGA convertibles, tabletop PCs and tablets – in a new marketing campaign, dubbed #goodweird. Appropriately named, #goodweird illustrates how YOGA products embrace unexpected design and functionality – design that’s arguably weird, but in a good way because of the amazing things these products enable people to do.

“We’ve fundamentally transformed how we define the Lenovo brand, from the tools we use like crowdsourcing and social media, to how we get things done with our balanced 360° agency model. The GoodWeird campaign really brings all these forces to life in a smart and engaging way that’s genuine to the purpose of our products,” said Michael Ngan, Country General Manager, Lenovo Philippines.

For example, YOGA convertible hinges consist of more than 800 parts, easily outnumbering parts in the rest of the product. The hinge remains key to YOGA’s signature four modes: laptop, tent, stand and tablet. People loved these new ways to use a PC, and thus created demand for this new device category. On the Horizon tabletop PC, you can turn family board games night into interactive, digital gaming sessions thanks to its giant screen - the size of a coffee table. And with YOGA tablet, you can project a movie on your wall, enjoy deep base from the subwoofer and even hang it on a bathroom hook for convenient entertainment that goes anywhere you do. All of these products change the way we use technology: they’re weird, but they’re #goodweird.

In Lenovo, we believe in good weird wholeheartedly, but what is good weird or not is not for us to decide. That’s why we have set up the #GoodWeird Project for you to help us discover a universe of obscure facts, eye-opening ideas, and a whole lot of good weird by submitting photo entries and casting votes on what’s good weird and what’s not.

Contest participants can join the Lenovo Good Weird Campaign Contest by visiting and liking the Lenovo Facebook page and looking for the #GoodWeird posts that contains the link to the #GoodWeird Project. Once the participant is redirected to the Good Weird website, he or she will be asked to submit the photo entry, write a brief description about the photo, and fill up the registration form. The photo should be encompass what is good weird and comply with the guidelines that can be seen in the mechanics page of the site.

Share your #GoodWeird for a chance to win Php 5000 Sodexo Gift Certificate. The Good Weird Campaign Contest will run from October 21 to November 21, 2015.

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