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Friday, October 23, 2015

Wear your UNIQLO fleece #WhereverYouFleece

Its that time of the year when you can pull out your hoodies, parkas, sweater and or fleeces out of your closet. But if you dont have fleece to rock on, its about time to add some fleece jacket in your wardrobe. You can layer it on or wear it on its own. Be it fashionable, casual or sporty. Just choose from a wide array of designs and colors. Its your chance to wrap up warm and be fashionable as well.

What I like about the fleece jacket, is that it is lightweight. It has dried on me  after 20 minutes of soaking it wet outside on a rainy afternoon.   It adds warmth, but is less bulky than a coat. You can be stylish in it with the proper accessories or layering.  You can pull it off with the PH weather. You can wear it at the office, or in a out of town gig or just a casual walk at the mall.

UNIQLO recently launched the lineup of fleece outerwear for the Fall Winter 2015 collection last October 16 at SM Aura. The event was graced by UNIQLO Ambassadors Andi Manzano Reyes, GP Reyes and their adorable baby Olivia Reyes.  Ms.  Daryl Chang, Preview Magazine fashion director gave some tips on how to rock your fleece jacket.

UNIQLO announces that it has greatly expanded its lineup of fleece outerwear, including highly fashionable coats and functional windproof jackets for Fall Winter 2015. UNIQLO has also grown its extra warm fleece offering, providing 1.5ºC greater warmth.

The men’s line includes an expanded range of windproof fleece, with a special film between the inner and outer material to keep out drafts. This wind-resistant functionality has been incorporated in soft and comfortable pile lined fleece jacket, Sherpa fleece jacket in trendy khaki or camouflage colors, and faux mouton fleece jacket, with the last designed as a mouton jacket, rather than a fleece. The windproof film has been improved from last year, making it appropriate as an outerwear, also reducing stiffness.

The women’s line features four new types of coats, each with a unique silhouette - a trendy teddy fleece coat, fluffy fleece coat, pile lined fleece coat, and windproof fleece coat. They are suitable to any setting, from fashionable, to casual, to sporty.

The UNIQLO Fall Winter 2015 features an expanded lineup of styles incorporating fleece made from special fibers that harnesses the sun’s energy, providing 1.5ºC greater inner warmth. Along with standard jacket types, this extra warm fleece is available in parkas and print fleece, as well as women’s fluffy fleece jackets and kids’ print fleece jackets. The cross-section of these special fibers is in a “C” shape that retains dead air to enhance warmth. Finally, the line includes an expanded range of check and bi-color designs, as well as those from UNIQLO’s MAGIC FOR ALL collaboration with Disney, which launched for Fall Winter 2015.

UNIQLO first launched fleece in 1994, and twenty years on, it remains a symbol of the LifeWear concept.

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