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Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Manulife’s “Every Day Stories” shares financial wisdom to guide you in 2022

As Filipinos prepare to step into 2022 with more optimism and hope for a better year, Manulife Philippines’ short film, “Every Day Stories,” aims to tell stories of inspiration in overcoming setbacks and preparing for your envisioned future. 


These stories are about three Manulife customers: a father who overcame a health scare; a mother who lost her first child; and a couple who recently married. They all share the wisdom they have gained after weathering life’s unexpected turns. 


“Since the onset of pandemic, Filipinos have become more conscious not only about protecting our health and well-being, but also our finances. There may have been struggles along the way, but the lessons we learned can help us prepare better for the year ahead,” said Melissa Henson, Manulife Philippines’ Chief Marketing Officer. “I hope that our customers’ stories of strength and resilience offer not only encouragement and hope, but also relevant and practical insights that can help inform Filipinos’ big life decisions. While we may not always know what is ahead of us, we can always set attainable goals and build our roadmap, so we can financially secure our future.”   


Here are some tips on how to help prepare for your future today so you can protect and live the life you want tomorrow: 


Ensure protection to lessen out-of-pocket medical expenses. Apollo Borlasa, a veterinarian and businessman, suffered from a heart attack in August 2019, which prevented him from working for a long time. As the family provider and breadwinner, he had to find ways to make ends meet while paying for his medical expenses. Because he obtained a Manulife policy in 2015, Borlasa found a safety net to better manage his medical bills. 


“As soon as my vital signs became stable at the hospital, my financial advisor immediately visited me and said that my Manulife policy could help us with my hospital expenses. My wife and I were relieved with the good news. Also, we were grateful to my advisor who was there for us and supported us in our time of need,” said Borlasa. 


To date, he is fully recovered and embracing a healthier lifestyle. “Wake-up call para sa akin ang nangyari. It made me realize the importance of being protected. That’s why I got my 15-year-old daughter her insurance plan from Manulife as well. It is really best to start early, and life protection is one of the best gifts parents can ever give their children.”   


Financial protection does not only cover emergency events, as it can also help fulfill life goals. Michelle Hervas-Par, a government employee, shared that she bought a Manulife policy in 2016, which helped her prepare for her dream wedding in 2020. “My fiancé and I were very conscious about sticking to our wedding budget. Three weeks before our wedding day, I got a pleasant surprise when I discovered that my Manulife insurance policy had a payout benefit. It allowed us to hold our dream wedding without incurring debts,” said Hervas-Par. “We’re pleased that in the most special day of our lives, we had a debt-free celebration -- all because we made sure we were financially prepared.”


Having a financial safety net may be a silver lining in difficult times. Diana Alvarado, a software development manager and a Manulife policyholder since 2005, lost her firstborn due to multiple congenital complications soon after he was born. “When I was younger, my mom pushed me to get a Manulife insurance plan. I was thankful that I listened to her. When I had my first baby, he sadly had multiple heart complications and I lost him during surgery,” shared Alvarado. “But my Manulife policy still covered maternity benefits, which helped us with our medical expenses,” Alvarado added.


Alvarado is now blessed with two beautiful children. “I’m thankful that my decision to get a plan helped me through the darkest days of my life. It also helped my family recover and move forward.”


Building financial security is an important step to ensure protection, build resilience in times of uncertainty, grow your wealth, and secure yours and your family’s future. Take charge of your life goals by exploring opportunities that can strengthen and safeguard your financial stability so you can live every day better. 


To know more about their stories, view the short film on Manulife’s YouTube channel at

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