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Wednesday, December 22, 2021

LG offers customers a one-year free subscription of IQIYI for every LG TV purchase during the holiday season!

The holidays are all about bonding at home with family and spending time with loved ones. To help bring fun and exciting content that the whole household can enjoy together, South Korean technology leader LG partnered with beloved entertainment app iQiyi just in time for the holidays. Whether you’re stanning K-dramas or love classic Hollywood sitcoms, the collaboration lets you feel the spirit of Christmas by providing premium content for a whole year when you buy select models of LG TVs. The promotion is applicable to LG OLED, NanoCell, and QNED models purchased from December 1 to January 15, 2022. You can watch your favorite Asian Drama shows in vivid high definition.


iQiyi’s content complements the perfect color and deepest blacks that LG TV’s provide. With LG OLED’s self-lit pixels that shine through every detail, you get accurate color and perfect picture quality that provides the best home entertainment experience you could ever have.


The iQiyi app is easily accessible in LG TVs as it is already pre-installed. You just need to log-in your iQiyi account and key-in your voucher code to enjoy your year-long iQiyi content. To redeem this offer, all you need is register and you will receive an e-mail with a unique voucher code which you can easily activate.


To purchase a new LG Smart TV or to read more details about the promotion, visit or head on over to LG’s official social media channels. LG Smart TVs are also available in selected authorized LG Dealer stores as well as the flagship LG online stores in Lazada and Shopee.


Want to know the kind of content you can watch on iQiyi? Here are a couple of the shows you can expect to see on the app and more! 


You can catch new, locally made drama series on iQiyi to make your heart sing. SAYING GOODBYE is a YA title that stars Andrea Brillantes and Seth Fedelin, also known to millions of fans around the world as #SethDrea. In the series, we are introduced to Elise (Andrea) and Ricky (Seth) whose paths fatefully cross at an old record store fighting over the same album of their beloved artist. Ricky, despite having a heart disease since childhood, decides to focus on his bucket list with the help of Elise. HELLO, HEART is a romantic comedy that follows Heart played by Gigi De Lana, a beautiful, perky, and hardworking woman but is very unlucky in life.  Her life starts to turn around upon meeting Saul (Gerald Anderson), an emotionless, business-as-usual guy who hires her to pretend to be his wife to please his grandmother with dementia. 


For fans of K-Drama, iQiyi has a lot of content to offer. JIRISAN follows the team of national park rangers. Gianna Jun as Seo Yi-gang and rookie Ju Ji-hoon as Kang Hyun-jo (Ju Ji-hoon) star as a park ranger duo who set out everyday into the mountain to unravel the secrets of the peak. BAD AND CRAZY stars Lee Dong Wook and Wi Ha Joon. The series weaves together many themes including action, dark comedy, suspense and crime for a satisfying and exciting series of vengeance in an insane society.


Chinese television dramas are also available to stream on iQiyi. LUOYANG is a show set in the ancient capital Luoyang during the Zhou Dynasty ruled by the Empress of Wu, it revolves around three people who come together to investigate a series of mysterious incidents involving the conspiracy to overthrow Empress Wu Ze Tian. The series stars Wang Yibo, Victoria Song and Huang Xuan. UNFORGETTABLE LOVE is a consistent top choice among PH users since it launched on the iQiyi International app. The show introduces viewers to a trio of charming characters led by C-drama actor Miles Wei along with Hu Yi Xuan and child actor Lennon Sun. ONCE WE GET MARRIED stars Wang Yu Wen, Wang Zi Qi and Yi Bo Chen. The romantic-comedy introduces us to fashion buyer Gu Xixi who sneaks into a high-end party where she knows a bossy president named Yin Sichen.  The inexperienced president and cunning girl start a love game.  Through all kinds of tests, Yin Sichen helps Gu Xixi realize her dream of becoming a designer and establish her own fashion brand. DANGER ZONE, iQIYI’s first prison-themed Chinese language series sees psychological profiling expert Yan-dong Liang (played by Vic Chou) is imprisoned due to a violent abuse incident. In order to flip the case, he has an under-table deal with police captain Chong-hui Tang (played by Christopher Lee) and rookie officer Fei Ran (played by Berant Zhu). However, this decision triggers a series of lethal crises and mysteries.


Streaming services are incomplete without anime! iQiyi has fan favorite BORUTO-NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONSavailable for fans of the show. With peace and modernization, the number of residents in the ninja village, Konoha, is increasing and the lifestyle of ninjas is changing constantly.  Boruto, the son of Naruto Uzumaki, the 7th leader of the village, studies at the Ninja Academy where he meets his new team partners who will fight with him against the perpetrators of the mysterious incidents in the village.


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