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Thursday, June 13, 2024

Rap Phenom Shanti Dope just dropped his latest EP

It is a seven-track collection that takes listeners on an introspective journey through the artist's personal experiences and societal observations. This latest release has already garnered significant attention, with the standout track “Thug” being featured on Spotify PH’s Bago Sa Kalye, Tatak Pinoy, and Kalye playlists.

Following the release, Shanti Dope shared his heartfelt thoughts with fans on Facebook, expressing his excitement about this latest offering.

"Yoooo! Maririnig niyo na sa Drxg$ EP na 'to yung gusto isigaw ng espirito ni SHANTI DOPE nung mga panahong gusto ko ikwento yung amat sa'kin ng musika, yung mga panahong nawala yung kaibigan ko, yung mga araw na di ko alam san ako tatakbo hanggang ito na nga... sounds muna kayo jan habang rainy szn. Comment niyo na din ano favorite track and lyrics. Enjoy!”

The "DRUGS" EP stands as a poignant reflection on contemporary society, where various forms of addiction often go unnoticed. Through his music, Shanti Dope illuminates how fame, vanity, and the pursuit of affirmation have shifted from niche experiences to widespread obsessions. The EP opens with "Lift Off Freestyle," a track symbolizing the desire to escape reality's constraints and explore new dimensions, mirroring a quest for liberation from societal pressures.

Each song on the EP is characterized by its raw and unfiltered nature. Shanti Dope delves deep into his life, sharing the pain of losing friends to street violence, the heartache of betrayal by a lover, and even cinematic, almost fictional scenarios that offer a window into his unique perspective on various events. His candid storytelling and evocative lyricism ensure that every track resonates deeply with listeners.

Shanti Dope's evolution as an artist shines through in "DRUGS," capturing the sensibilities of the new generation and solidifying his continued relevance in the music scene. This EP marks a pivotal phase in his career, showcasing his willingness to share unfiltered truths and engage with his audience on a profound level. With "DRUGS," Shanti Dope aims to convey his message in its purest, most creative form, free from conventional constraints.

As fans dive into the "DRUGS" EP, they are invited to reflect on their own experiences and the societal issues highlighted by Shanti Dope. The artist encourages listeners to share their favorite tracks and lyrics, fostering a deeper connection within his community of supporters.

Stream this new EP on your favorite digital music streaming platforms. 


DRUGS EP Tracklist

“Lift Off Freestyle”


“Coke and Marijuana”

“Kaibigan Ko”





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