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Saturday, June 29, 2024

Four Clues that Misled Viewers About Uncle Samsik’s True Motives

Uncle Samsik could have been a typical Korean series with an end-game that Pinoy Hallyu fans could have easily predicted. But the incredible plot and acting of the cast made the series so unpredictable, prompting viewers to swap guesses episode after episode, scenes after scenes.

Starring Cannes Best Actor Song Kangho, Girls Generation’s Tiffany Young, and Baeksang Arts Awards Best Supporting Actor Byun Yohan, Uncle Samsik ended with a plot that no one saw coming. In the midst of a dizzying maze riddled with two-faced players, set in South Korea’s political, economic, and cultural turmoil in the background, one man stood at the helm of it all: Uncle Samsik. And one thing is for sure – despite his ever-reassuring smile and seemingly endless willingness to get you out of trouble, you cannot trust the guy.


Song Kangho played Uncle Samsik so well that viewers have a love-hate relationship with his character. He cemented Uncle Samsik as the hero-villain all along, working for himself and his ambition.


Wait! You’re about to read some major spoilers. But if you’re okay with that, then read on.


He couldn’t let Kang Seongmin go

Park Doochil AKA 'Uncle Samsik’ has known the Kang family since his youth, and for this, he had been obedient and fiercely loyal. But as soon as he noticed Kang Seongmin’s carelessness and willingness to get rid of anyone who knew of his past, Samsik knew he would be the next target.


Despite this, and after having assembled a group to help him reach his new goals, Samsik simply couldn’t seem to fully commit to his decision and kept on coming back to rescue Seongmin, effectively betraying the people he had sworn to protect. Who can trust a guy who can’t define who his real enemies are?


He got Hanmin killed

An honest officer who dreamt of having a reformed Korea, Jeong Hanmin ended up as a traitor and buried in an undisclosed location. Hours of questioning by the military after a failed coup, bribery, and stolen election, Hanmin ended up bearing the brunt of the crimes he had little to no involvement in. Is this Samsik’s doing?

He betrayed a lot of people he promised to protect

Yoon Palbong, Cha Taemin, An Minchul, and the list goes on. It doesn’t matter if Samsik has known them for years or a few weeks – if it means saving himself, they are nothing but disposable pawns to his game. And the worst part? He smiles and reassures them while subsequently stabbing them in the back.


He deliberately saved people to use them later

Kim San is just one of the many promising young people he corrupted only to make them his scapegoat and leave them to fend for themselves in the end. And Samsik is a masterful wooer, carefully researching his targets’ weak points and using them to court them to his side. In Kim San’s case, it was The National Reconstruction Project, for others, it’s the assurance of being fed three meals a day. Whatever it may be, he makes sure to make them believe they are working for the same cause and are each other’s trusted ally. But is he? 


Looking for a heart-thumping historical series that’s sure to make your nights extra exciting? Watch (or rewatch!) Uncle Samsik, featuring the award-winning actor Song Kangho on Disney+.

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