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"The Bully" is a heart-rending but essential watch for people of all ages

With the recent controversy regarding an alleged bullying incident , Directed by award-winning filmmaker Chris Cahilig came up with McJim Classic Leather’s newest viral short film titled “The Bully,” which zeroes in on the pathetic plight of bullying victims.

Nearly two decades into the new millennium, the age-old problem of bullying remains to be a cause for concern among school authorities and parents of bullied children, mainly because most cases take place in the campus. For some reason, however, such incidents have been largely kept unreported until a fairly recent bullying incident broke out and went viral on social media, creating quite a ruckus among netizens.

Bullying, in fact, is an issue that is hiding in plain sight. According to the United Nations’ 2018 report, one in three children worldwide experience some form of bullying, a disturbing fact we must confront if we resolve to find a long-term solution to the problem.

Directed by award-winning filmmaker Chris Cahilig, i…

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