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Acclaimed Fashion Designers Rave About Vivo V11

Aside from the usual fashion designers’ tools such as needles, threads, fabrics, as well as an artistic flair for style and an eye for detail, a fashion designer must also be equipped with a smartphone that embodies their creative personality and aesthetic while being able to capture every detail of their collection. Their hard work and passion embody their creations, and it is essential that they are complemented by a game-changing breakthrough that is not just sleek in design, but is also functional.

During last week’s glamorous MEGA Fashion Week, it was discovered that three of the featured prominent designers are raving about one phone: Vivo’s latest revolutionary flagship phone, the V11. Impressed by the global brand’s newest offer, here’s what they have to say about Vivo’s innovative specs that supplement their impeccable talent:

Neric Beltran

Prominent designer Neric Beltran praises the Vivo V11’s powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) camera at the MEGA Fashion Week.

Notable de…

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