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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Guerilla Race- Finish the Race or Die Trying!

Step up in the face of adversity and put your strength, stamina, mental spirit, and resilience to the test in the country’s first obstacle-driven TrueNorth Guerilla Race happening this December.
Developed by a Philippines Army scout ranger, the race will push you to the limit and get you out of your comfort zone with a battery of obstacles set in mud, fire and water. Crossing the finish line will be a testament to your personal drive, determination, and will to conquer any challenge that is put in front of you.
On December 15, 2013 at Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna, the gun goes off at 6am on the TrueNorth Guerilla Race, and runners from all walks of life will display their fighting spirit to conquer and endure. Our motto: “Finish the race…or die trying.”
Armed with an arsenal of tough obstacles, there will be water, fire, mud, barbed wire, high walls, pipe crawls and the occasional crazy challenge set to catch runners off guard and leave them dumb-founded. But as with all challenges, a helping hand will be needed. So to overcome 8 foot walls and make your way through underground mud tunnels, camaraderie amongst runners will be the key to success.
For those who will throw their bodies into the progressive trail, 1,000 timing chips will be on hand to record your movement.
So if you like to push yourself to the limit, or feel that you have what it takes to take on the extreme, then the TrueNorth Guerilla Race is for you!
To register, visit ROX located at Bonifacio HighStreet. Or register online via
For more details visit the Guerilla Race Facebook page,; follow Guerilla Race on Twitter; or e-mail us at
The TrueNorth Guerilla Race is organized by TrueNorth training camps and DSTV.
DSTV is a cable channel of the department of defense.

Standing: Sean Paler of True North Training Camp, Guerilla Race Organizers General Victor Ibrado, Consultant Col Dennis Bumanglag, Gen. Abner Cabalquinto, and DSTV's Norman Castillo.

Caption from left: Guerilla Race Organizers General Victor Ibrado, Sean Paler of True North Training Camp, Gen. Abner Cabalquinto, and DSTV's Norman Castillo.

Guy speaking on the microphone: Guerilla Race Consultant Col Dennis Bumanglag.

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