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Thursday, August 27, 2020

Let us #StayStrongStayBeautiful while we wait for a cure to this pandemic

“Bawal Magkasakit” now more than ever, has that reminder been more important, since we can’t even go to the hospital for a checkup unless its really an emergency.
So its up to us to take care of ourselves and keep ourselves healthy while we wait for a cure to this pandemic.

Thats why i make sure to drop by @watsonsph to stock up on my daily vitamins like Fern C, Medguard wipes to sanitize things like door knobs and table tops before touching them and the new Safeguard Micellar bodywash Berries and Pear variant for personal hygiene.
Shop your essentials through Watsons Online or through their Call and Delivery Services. Watsons stores, on the other hand, will remain open to serve you!

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

#StayStrongStayBeautiful with Watsons

As we all know, there is currently no vaccine to prevent covid-19. The best way to prevent illness is to not get sick. I have always take my vitamins everyday. I cannot risk myself going to hospital for check ups. Now, is not the right time. That's why I always have my health essentials, like vitamins, and OTC meds ready from Watsons.  

Life today truly comes with its challenges. But with these challenges, also comes an opportunity for us to take better care of ourselves, and that starts with being prepared and keeping our guards up. As you adjust to a new way of life, Watsons is here by your side. 

Read on for some tips and recommendations on how we can all stay strong, stay beautiful, during these times.

Stay Protected – It has become a habit for almost all of us to never go outside without our masks.
But we must also practice protection at home. Keep your body clean with products from Safeguard and Dove that not only protects but also pampers your skin. Take extra care of your oral health with products from Listerine, Oral-B and Himalaya. Supplement your diet with vitamins from EnervonStresstabs and Watsons Generics to protect yourself from the inside too.

Stay Prepared – Stocking up is essential to staying ready during these times. It also keeps you from going out to buy what you need last minute. As a safe alternative, shop online. Narrow down what you need with a detailed list and include your over-the-counter medicines. At home, common sicknesses like cough, colds and fever can still strike, so always have a relief at-the-ready. Keep brands like Strepsils, Sinecod Forte, Vicks, Solmux and Biogesic at reach to stay prepared.

Stay Glowing – Self-care projects bring a sense of newness to your routine. It also helps keep your emotional well-being in check, as you enjoy and benefit from your newfound passions. Skincare is a great way to enjoy some self-care and motivate you to reach a personal goal. Products from BeloPonds, CeletequeNeutrogena and Dermaction Plus by Watsons, can help you keep your skin nourished and glowing, and your confidence at a high.

Stay Gorgeous – With current restrictions placed on salons, many have tried to give themselves

DIY hair make-overs. More than keeping appearances, a little change can help boost your self-esteem too. It doesn’t have to be drastic. A simple trim or touching up your hair color can be enough to lift your spirits. You can use L’Oreal Excellence, Beautylabo, or Naturtint to color your hair. Whether you experiment or not, always take good care of your hair. Find great products that help maintain healthy hair from brands such as Pantene and Naturals by Watsons

Stay Dapper – Self-care is for everyone, and it poses an opportunity that can inspire you to discover new sides of yourself. For men, think of self-care as a way to level up your game even during these times, may it be about fitness or grooming. Following a simple skincare routine is a great way to start. AdidasOld Spice and Gillette are brands that offer men’s products to help with skincare and grooming needs at home.

Watsons is always here to provide you a wide range of health and beauty products to make you look good and feel great. To provide more value to its Watsons Card and Elite members, Watsons is giving them free 100 bonus points for a minimum Php1000 purchase of participating products on select weekends: July 31 to August 1 and August 14 to 15. 

Shop your essentials now online while Watsons Stores will also remain open to serve you! You can order via Watsons call & pick-up or call & delivery service as well.

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