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Sunday, October 10, 2021

Maharlika Partylist: Social entrepreneurship and the fight for progress

 Now that we have a clearer picture of the upcoming presidential race, I am sure we all have our favorites or perhaps you have made a decision as to who you are voting for come election day. But more than just the President, Vice President, Senators and Congressmen and Mayors, we also have to vote for a partylist.


Political parties and sectoral organizations will vie for 63 slots for representatives in the upcoming 19th Congress.  These party-list representatives are expected to represent the interests of their sector or party in creating bills and resolutions serving for three years per term and can be nominated by the elected group for a maximum of three consecutive terms. 


As these party-list organizations have the same responsibilities, powers and benefits as the congressmen elected from the districts (and receive equal amounts of pork barrel) , its  important to get to know them as well.

One of those organizations going for a seat in congress is the  Maharlika Partylist.

Led by its Chairperson and First Nominee Alvin Sahagun, MAHARLIKA stands for Malawakang Alyansa para sa Halaga ng kultura kasaysayang at Adbokasiya tungo sa Responsableng Liderato at Ideyolohiya ng Kahusayan at Asenso ng lahing Pilipino. It represents the urban poor, small businessmen/entrepreneurs,  and indigenous people. During the pandemic, they have reached out to poor communities sending financial help and groceries who are affected by Covid-19. 


If you recall the word MAHARLIKA became part of the headlines when President Rodrigo Duterte proposed renaming the country "Maharlika-- to pay homage to the country's pre-colonial past. 


Pres. Duterte revived the  idea first advocated by former president Ferdinand Marcos. During  his regime, Marcos popularized the word and named the state broadcaster, a north-south highway and a presidential hall after it, promoting  the term to mean nobility, but historians say Maharlika refers to the warrior class that served the ruling clans during pre-Hispanic times.

For the partylist, however, they chose the name MAHARLIKA to reflect the nobility, the "great by birth," and greatness in character of FIlipinos in its hope to instill pride and uplift more people into being part of the middle class. 


At a recent press conference, the organization, "Samahan ng Maharlikang Pilipino," or simply MAHARLIKA said they hope to bring a solution to the common problems of communities by promoting businesses and social entrepreneurship.  

MAHARLIKA stands for Malawakang Alyansa para sa Halaga ng kultura kasaysayang at Adbokasiya tungo sa Responsableng Liderato at Ideyolohiya ng Kahusayan at Asenso ng lahing Pilipino.


Established in 2017, the organization is composed of members from all over the country who aspire to help preserve the rich culture and history of the Philippines.

The organization hopes to uplift the standard of life of all Filipinos through skill development that will help strenghten the local communities.


MAHARLIKA hopes to pursue reforms that will uplift the standard of filipino lives centered on three K’s Kasanayan (skills) Kabuhayan (livelihood) Kaunlaran (Development)

Kasanayan–The partylist seeks to give equal opportunity to all Filipinos including our indigenous people to improve their skills, talents, and education through free training.

Kabuhayan– As Sahagun believes that business is way to prosperity, Maharlika hopes to involve more Pinoys in business to strengthen financial institutions and initiate social entrepreneruship programs where ordinary Filipinos can invest and earn.

Kaunlaran – Establish the identity, history and rich culture as a Maharlikang Pilipino and make that sense of pride the foundation of continued progress.

In his speech that was delivered by spokesperson Lloyd Luna, Sahagun recalled how he overcame struggles and how the partylist hopes it could do the same for a lot of Filipinos.   


In his message, Sahagun, the businessman behind the networking/direct selling company We Evolve Marketing Corporation and chariman/founder of team Advocate Change Club, shared that 7 years ago, he lost his business, lost his job, had no house, no car and was struggling to make ends meet to provide for his family. 

But through the support of his family, friends  and even strangers who believed in him, who gave him a chance he was able to turn his life around.

"Dahil sa pagsisikap at pananalig sa Diyos, nagkaroon ako ng lahat ng wala ako seven years ago. Ano raw ba ang sikreto ko?" he said.

"Simple lang ang sagot ko: hindi ko kinalimutan kung sino ako. hindi ko kinalimutan na ang pilipino ay likas na magaling, likas na mahusay, likas na matatag. kung tama lang ang mindset natin sa buhay at di tayo bibitiw sa mga pangarap natin, malalampasan antin ang lahat ng pagsubok na darating sa buhay natin."


He says that the beginning of his story is the same as the stories of millions of other filipinos who everyday live in fear because they have no money to pay the rent, fear of getting their electricity cut and afraid that they won't be able to provide for their families because of the high cost of commodities. Filipinos who are desperate and have nowhere to go or ask for help. 


In the end, however, Sahagun believes his story is also the same success story of many other Filipinos. "Subalit ang bandang huli ng kwento ko ay kwento din ng ilang Pilipino na naging matagumpay at ngayon ay mas masaya na sa buhay. At kung mayroon batayan kung bakit kami ay nagtagumpay--ito ay ang ating kasaysayan. Ang mga Pilipino--noon at ngayon--ay likas na mahusay, magaling at di sumusuko sa laban ng buhay."


The MAHARLIKA partylist hopes to raise the quality of life of the ordinary Filipinos  and make more middle class. This can be done through teaching how to use their skills and give them opportunities to start their own business  and improve their financial knowledge.   


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