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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Devant partners with Viu for your endless TV Babad bonding

This holiday season, immerse yourself in a world of unparalleled entertainment with Devant's latest Smart 4K UHD TV range and Viu's premium content. Devant is offering a spectacular promotion that pairs its top-of-the-line televisions with a complimentary Viu subscription, ensuring your festive period is filled with endless TV Babad bonding. 

A Season of Spectacular Visuals and Premium Content

For every purchase of Devant's Smart 4K UHD TVs in 50, 55, 65, and 75-inch models from any authorized dealer nationwide, customers will receive a festive bonus. From December 1st to December 31st, 2023, not only can you upgrade your home entertainment system, but you'll also unlock three months of free access to Viu Premium.


How to Claim Your Viu Subscription

Claiming your free subscription is simple:

  1. Purchase any 50, 55, 65, 75-inch Smart 4K UHD TV (50/55/65/75UHD204).
  2. Visit the Devant Customer Portal at .
  3. Register your new TV using the serial number found on the side of the box or at the back of the TV.
  4. Attach your proof of purchase or official receipt.
  5. For new users, create a Devant Customer account to proceed.

Upon completion of registration, The free Viu voucher code shall be delivered to the customer’s registered email address and mobile number. As a Viu Premium user, enjoy the luxury of logging into three devices simultaneously.



Redeeming Your Viu Voucher

Redeem your voucher by entering the code in the Viu app, and start enjoying your three-month free subscription. The redemption period runs from December 1, 2023, to April 30, 2024. Note that all Viu voucher codes must be activated by August 1, 2024, and can only be used once.


Additional Festive Bonus: Free Soundbar

To make your holiday viewing experience even more extraordinary, Devant is gifting a free soundbar with every purchase of 50", 55", or 65" Smart 4K UHD TVs. This additional freebie, along with the Viu subscription, promises a truly immersive audio-visual feast.


Celebrate the holiday season with Devant and Viu, and unwrap a world of premium entertainment right in your living room. From binge-watching your favorite series to enjoying cinematic masterpieces, this festive offer is set to bring joy and entertainment to your home.


Unlocking this world of entertainment has never been easier. With your Devant UHD TV and Viu Premium Access, you have the keys to limitless entertainment that's as diverse as it is captivating. Whether you're a fan of K-dramas, Hollywood hits, or captivating documentaries, get ready to immerse yourself in a world where entertainment knows no bounds. Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your home entertainment experience.


For more information, visit ( Devant products are also available in leading appliance stores nationwide. Follow Devant on Facebook (, Instagram (, TikTok ( ), and youtube Devant Official Channel for the latest updates.

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

If you’re on the lookout for good revenge K-dramas, here are some of the biggest titles available on Viu – by PLDT Home

There’s just something so satisfying about a good revenge drama. From watching the downtrodden protagonists get their bearings and become this determinedly vengeful and scheming protagonist to finally witnessing the villains get their well-deserved comeuppance, revenge dramas show that sometimes you just have to take karma into your own hands.


With Viu, the go-to streaming platform for all things Korean and Asian entertainment content, fans of the genre can have their pick of the most nail-biting and addictive revenge dramas –many of which are played by some of the industry’s biggeststars.


If you’re on the lookout good revenge K-dramas, here are some of the biggest titles available on Viu – best streamed through the country’s fastest broadband PLDT Home.


Reborn Rich (2022)

In Reborn Rich, this year’s most anticipated series exclusively shown in the Philippines on Viu, certified K-drama hottie Song Joong Ki plays Yoon Hyun-Woo, a long-serving steward of the Soonyang Conglomerate. Finding himself falsely accused of embezzlement by the conglomerate's family, he is killed by their youngest son Jin Do-Joon.


That should’ve been the end of his story, but fate has other plans for our wronged hero, as shortly after his death, Yoon Hyun-Woo wakes up in the body of his killer. Not one to miss a chance for revenge, Hyun-Woo decides to not only destroy the family from within, he also schemes to take over and run the company himself.

The Innocent Man (2012)

Song Joong Ki is no stranger to shows where he plays characters out for revenge. He is as equally broody and scheming in his debut drama from 10 years ago, The Innocent ManIn the series, Joong Ki plays a promising young student who gets betrayed by his lover who left him for another – richer – man. Years later, he becomes a bartender-gigolo out to exact revenge on his former lover. What happens next: The student becomes the master as he then seduces the daughter of the man she earlier left him for.


Lawless Lawyer (2018)

In the seriesyet another K-drama heartthrob, Lee Joon Gi, who shows you how revenge is best served cold. A lawyer raised by his gang member uncle, Bong Sang Pil (Lee Joon Gi) uses what he learned – which often skirts the definition of what’s legal – to mete out justice. This, all while he’s investigating and trying to avenge his mother’s death.

Taxi Driver (2021)

Perfect for fans of true crime, Taxi Driver is a series based on recent crimes that happened in South Korea with the offenders being punished lightly or, in some instances, let go. Lee Je Hoon plays Kim Do Gi, a not-so-ordinary taxi driver as he is part of a company that provides “revenge service.” The underground group drives their taxis around the city hunting down criminals themselves.

The World of the Married (2020)

Based on a popular BBC UK drama, The World of the Married stars Kim Hee-ae as Ji Sun Woo, a successful doctor who discovers that her ideal life isn’t what it seems after she begins to uncover all the lies surrounding her and discovering her husband’s affair. They say hell hath no fury than a woman scorned with Sun Woo being the perfect personification. The show has become one of the highest-rated K-dramas in Korea and has spawned its own hit Filipino adaptation, 

The Broken Marriage Vow.


Get your K-drama fix with your Viu Premium subscription powered by PLDT Home – and win prizes!

Watch today’s top-trending revenge show Reborn Rich and more drama series through a Viu Premium subscription powered by PLDT Home, the country’s fastest fastest and most reliable broadband service. With PLDT Home, enjoy more shows with no ads and with same-day subtitled releases for select titles at just P80/month – the most affordable Viu Premium subscription in the Philippines. Subscribe now at


This December, new and existing PLDT Home customers can binge more of Asia’s hottest entertainment content on Viu while getting a chance to win P5,000,000 cash in the PLDT Home Grand Giveaway. To know more about the giveaway, visit

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Viu announced the premier of K-Love, the latest Viu Original title from the Philippines

Viu, PCCW’s pan regional OTT video streaming service, announced the premier of K-Love, the latest  Viu Original title from the Philippines. 

Always looking to deliver content from Asia that  resonates with Asian audiences, this series is a homage to fans of K-Drama, a  dedication to all who have cried and laughed along with each episode. Iza Calzado,  Jake Cuenca, Isabelle Daza, Sue Ramirez, and Gabby Padilla lead an all-star cast  that walked the red carpet for the media conference and screening at the Greenbelt  Cinemas on 8 October. 

@lola_lamon #KLove #ViuOriginal #KDrama cast #sueramirez #izacalzado #jakecuenca #isabeldaza #gabbypadilla ♬ Vegas (From the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack ELVIS) - Doja Cat

Mr Vinchi Sy-Quia, Assistant General Manager of Viu Philippines, shared how Viu  aims to bring forth top-tier local talent to the global centerstage, “We are thrilled to  start the quarter with a story that will undoubtedly touch Viu-ers’ hearts. K-Love, a  Viu Original from the Philippines, is a testament yet again to our pursuit of working  with the best, contributing to the Filipino creative ecosystem by producing endearing  stories with high standards.”

The award-winning team behind K-Love includes director Bobby Yan, a seven-time  Emmy-award winner, and creator Corinna Vistan, who previously worked at Marvel  Studios as a Content Producer for theatrical releases and lent her expertise to  record-setting blockbusters such as Avengers: Endgame and Ant-Man and the Wasp.  

During her nine-year tenure at Marvel Studios, she crafted creative content  strategies and produced content such as short films, documentaries, music videos,  featurettes, trailers, and interactive experiences for 19 of the 29 Marvel films  released between 2010-2019. 

Corinna shared that K-Love is the first concept she pitched when she became Head  of Content Development for Viu Philippines, “I came home from the US thinking all  my friends were going to ask me about my experience working on Avengers  Endgame, but all they could talk about was their fascination with Korean dramas! I  realised that similarly, K-Dramas had their own set of hardcore die-hard fans. This  world really interested me so I wrote the concept for K-Love.” 

Mirroring these fans, K-Love centres on five friends and their stories: Tish, Jay,  Shiela, Val, and Frances. One thing drives all of them despite leading various lives  and facing various challenges – their love for K-drama. There is something about that  moment, when they are engrossed in K-drama land and staring at the screen, that  takes them out of the everyday tedium and makes them realise that their life may be  just as interesting. They will learn how tightly connected and influenced by the world  of K-drama their journeys are as they face the challenges of life, foster friendships,  and experience “kilig” moments. 


Aside from the characters, the team’s dynamics behind the scenes makes K-Love  even more interesting. 

Follow the K-squad for those “100% relate!” moments and feeling that only K-drama  fans will understand. Don't miss the premiere of this series streaming on 14 October with brand new episodes every Friday exclusively on Viu and simulcast in 16  markets across Asia, the Middle East and South Africa. 

Download the Viu app now to watch your favourite Asian shows and K-Love for  FREE! 

Make sure to catch the latest updates by following Viu Philippines on all its social  platforms:

#KLove #ViuKLove #ViuOriginal 





Monday, May 16, 2022

The most breathtaking Baguio sites showcased on The Broken Marriage Vow


The log houses we all wish our parents own plus Baguio’s pine trees and gorgeous mountain views fill the backdrop of the emotional roller coaster hit drama series that is The Broken Marriage Vow.


Almost every episode lands on the trending pages of social media platforms. The show has become so popular it’s now one of the top titles on streaming platform Viu, made cheaper and more accessible through a Viu Premium account powered by PLDT Home. 

Photo credits: Viu Philippines

The marriage of Dr. Jill Victorino (Jodi Sta. Maria) and David Ilustre (Zanjoe Marudo) may have crumbled because of his affair with Lexy Lucero (Sue Ramirez). Yet, as we’re watching the frustrating and heartbreaking moments, we can’t help but think, “Tara, let’s go to Baguio!”


Beyond the riveting drama, we also find ourselves captivated by the sights all found within our Summer Capital. Raring to travel again? Here are a few of the series’ most iconic filming locations you, too, can visit while channeling your inner drama heroine!


Burnham Park

Located in downtown Baguio, Burnham Park is the city’s most famous park. Here, you can go boating on colorful swan boats, people-watch by the lake, even ride a bike. If you’re Dr. Jill, however, the park designed by Daniel Burnham may just be the perfect place for you to take a walk to clear your mind — and maybe plan your revenge — after discovering your husband is into some monkey business.


Camp John Hay

Surrounded by pine trees, fresh air, and the most amazing log cabins, Camp John Hay is a no-brainer must-visit for anyone visiting Baguio. To really complete the healing nature-filled experience, go enjoy the green scene and have a meal in Chef Billie King’s Le Chef Restaurant at the Manor.


Camp John Hay is more than just a sanctuary for our The Broken Marriage Vow family — in fact, it’s where most of the drama goes down.

Photo credits: Viu Philippines


White House of the Lord of Scents

In real life, the White House of the Lord of Scents is the abode of fragrance mogul Joel Cruz in Camp John Hay. While not a public tourist destination, it has become an attraction of its own because of its signature floor-to-ceiling windows that highlight its sweeping spiral staircase.


This is also where the show’s most iconic scene (colloquially called the batukan scene) happens. Knowing her husband is cheating with the daughter of the wealthy Luceros, Jill decides to invite themselves to dinner at the Lucero house for a grand confrontation.

Photo credits: Baguio Country Club


Baguio Country Club

This is where Lexy Lucero’s parents often meet Jill — either as friends hanging out over lunch or in later episodes as enemies trading barbs as they are too civilized to go at each other’s throats.


The famous 117-year-old landmark isn’t just home to the best raisin bread and banana bread in the country, it also offers some of Baguio's most breathtaking views! 


Kennon Road

While definitely picturesque, Kennon Road is also among the country’s most hazardous thoroughfares. Cliffs bracket the narrow road, making for a very steep fall if one is not careful. The tragedy snaking through this beauty fits the outwardly perfect Ilustre family finally succumbing to its own troubles.


In a scene shot along Kennon Road, Gio confronts his mother for not having time for him while Jill tries to console him. Jill soon realizes the gravity of the situation, now taking a toll on her conflicted child. It’s a raw moment that zooms in on children often becoming the biggest victims of a broken family.


We live for the nonstop scandal and drama of The Broken Marriage Vow, but we also find comfort in how directors Connie Macatuno and Andoy Ranay handle touchier subjects on the show.


Entertainment made better (and cheaper) at home!

See the drama on The Broken Marriage Vow unfold further in Baguio’s sights to behold — through a Viu Premium access powered by PLDT Home’s fastest and most reliable connections! Enjoy more of the hottest Asian content with no ads and same-day subtitled releases for select titles at just P80/month, the cheapest in the Philippines and already charged to your account!


Learn more by visiting

Monday, December 20, 2021

Viu Philippines has created its new Viu Original musical series, Still to tell the story of this quarantine generation

Have you ever felt stuck, depressed, or hopeless during the pandemic? Umikot ka mundo, nandito pa ako. Well, you’re not alone. Leading video streaming service Viu Philippines understands the struggles that many Filipinos have been going through and has created its new Viu Original musical series, Still .


The 8-part musical narrative is designed to move us to move forward, perfectly capturing our pandemic stories and sentiments. It tells the story about a group of aspiring artists who get stuck in a music camp during the first few months of the pandemic. Just like us, each character experiences bouts of feeling stressed, lost, and sad; but through new relationships and moments of self-discovery formed over time, they still find reasons to stay strong and hopeful for the future.


Link to Full Trailer:


“We hope that we can help a lot of people who are experiencing anxiety and doubt. The series is particularly made for today’s generation so they can still believe in hope,” said Pat Valera, renowned director-playwright and creator of Still.


Still is also Viu’s first Filipino production and is a testament to the company’s mission to deliver the freshest Asian content, as well as champion premium Asian entertainment. During the press conference, Arianne Kader-Cu, Country Manager of Viu Philippines, said: “Viu aims to produce premium Asian content for everyone. We specifically looked into our data to understand what our consumers are interested in. Over the past 18 months, we noticed that Filipinos are getting more interested in music and we used that as our pillar to create premium Filipino content with Still.”


Link to Viu Original, Still - Episode 1:


From the relatable storylines to lyrically-powerful songs, every episode features a powerhouse cast of characters who we can all identify with and be inspired by.


Link to Viu Original, Still Original Soundtrack:


Get to know the characters and why our quarantine story still matters today. 

Christian Bautista as Nikolas

Asia’s Romantic Balladeer Christian Bautista stars as Nikolas, the camp head and mentor of Daloy Himig. Nikolas doesn’t believe his talent is worth sharing and when the lockdown was announced, he was unsure of how he could distract the campers from being depressed and stressed. “My real experience is almost the same as my character. I really thought, ‘Nag research ba sila about our personal experiences during the pandemic?’ because the stories portrayed in the series are all real. Every camper has different thoughts about the pandemic and it is on how we manage it.”, said Bautista


Julie Anne San Jose as Laura

Julie Anne San Jose, Asia’s Limitless Star, plays relentless Laura who fights for herself and her dreams, and for the people she loves,—even as the pandemic seemed to put all her plans on limbo. Through her songs, like Bagong Mundo, Laura poignantly expresses her feelings, teaching us to stay true to our emotions and fight against our inner struggles. As Laura would say, “To sing is to tell your truth twice. Kumbaga, hindi mo lang siya binibigkas, isinasabuhay mo rin siya.


Dito sa Bagong Mundo, ang dami nating kinatatakutan, mga katanungan na minsan hindi natin alam ang sagot. All we need right now is faith. Sa kabila ng lahat ng pagsubok, matatapos rin ang lahat ng ito. When I first heard Bagong Mundotumagos talaga sa puso ko yung lyrics. It is just so beautiful.”, said San Jose. 


Link to Viu Original, Still OST - Bagong Mundo Lyric Video:


Bituin Escalante as Annette

Veteran singer Bituin Escalante portrays the owner of  Balay - home of Daloy Himig, Annette. While she has always lived vicariously through the young campers, the lockdown forces her to confront the losses she had previously pushed to the side. “So many people have gone through depression without knowing it. Sometimes we need that validation that what we are feeling is real. When you see your experiences being fleshed out and played on the screen, it’s therapy. Reminds you that everything’s okay, you’re not alone.”, said Escalante.


Link to Viu Original, Still OST - Aawit Kang Muli Lyric Video:


Gab Pangilinan as Sab

Gab Pangilinan, the Philippines’ Theater Princess, plays Sab the voiceless writer who is like any other girl wanting to follow her dreams but can’t or won’t. As Sab expresses during one episode, “(p)ara sa ating mga naliligaw, noong tumigil ang mundo, tumigil din ang mga pangarap natin. Madaya. Ang dami nating alinlangan at galit.”


“Many of us are in limbo during the pandemic. Still confronts that. The characters in 'Still’ just reflect who we all are today.”, said Pangilinan. 


Mike Shimamoto as Iggy

Singer and songwriter Mike Shimamoto is veteran camper, Iggy, who goes through a very significant life experience that turns his whole world around. Shinamoto’s portrayal of Iggy shows how we can still have a voice and how our stories can be heard. “I experienced things inwardly and it was hard for me to articulate the things that I went through, just like Iggy. The song ‘Mundo Umikot Ka’ reflects what we truly felt during the pandemic. I am sure all of us can relate to this line in the song ‘Kung dito na nagtatapos, paano na ako, paano na tayo. Kaya mundo, umikot ka’,” said Shimamoto. 


Abe Autea as Tugs 

A theater actor known for his roles in Dekada ‘70 and Nina Rosa, Abe Autea now takes on the role of “happy pill” Tugs. While he appears to be a happy-go-lucky person, his camp experience shows that there is more depth to his character. “Sometimes people cannot express their  stories or experiences. Still gives that opportunity to tell everyone’s story.”, said Autea. Still also allowed Autea to compose one song to watch out for. "Sa pagsulat nito, nanalo kami.", he shared.


Lance Reblando as Leigh

Lance Reblando, from Ang Huling El Bimbo and Disney’s Lion King fame, plays Leigh. A tired fighter, she has been dealing with anxiety and difficult life transitions even before the pandemic. As she shared her hugot in one episode “Pa-loob ang anxiety ko. Gets naman, I am not welcome anywhere.


Ang dami kong kilala na nag-struggle sa mental health. Even me," said Reblando, "but, with Still, we can learn how to go through our mental struggles by letting our voices be heard."


Gabby Padilla as Debbie

Building off her FAMAS Best Actress Nomination for Bille & Emma, Gabby Padilla embraces the role of drama queen Debbie who is always ready to add a little excitement whenever she’s around. As she proudly describes herself, “I am Miss Debbie with an E coming to you with a slow verse. Pretty, medyo witty, Catriona pang Miss Universe. Bow down to the Queen.”


Learn more about each character, the music, and be moved to move forward by streaming Viu Original Still.


Download the Viu app now on App Store, Google Play and select Smart TVs.

Watch Viu Original, Still on The Still official soundtrack is also now available on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and Tidal! 


To stay updated on the latest news and releases, like and follow Viu Philippines on FacebookTikTokTwitterYouTube and Instagram, and follow the hashtag, #ViuStillSeries.


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