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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Wine Lab at Magosaburo Wine Lounge.

The story of wines, like human beings, does not begin and end simply with their color. Red, white, and tawny refer to just one aspect of wine, and to limit the dimensions and complexity of this splendid drink to a single facet is irrational.

If anything, wine is best described by the region it hails from: the Bordeauxs, the Ports, the Champagnes, all the great vintages from Napa, the wine country in Australia, and other unique locations across the world. In as much as people are inextricably tied to their country of origin, for instance, so too is a good glass of Syrah.

It takes a truly devoted team of wine lovers – not only sommeliers, connoisseurs, and gourmands, but also everyday aficionados – to establish a true haven that showcases the varied elements of wine. Far beyond an impressive and diverse selection, both art and science must come together in the same way the food perfectly paired with a wine forms an unforgettable taste experience.

This was the unrelenting vision that the people behind Magosaburo shared when they conceived the Mago Wine Lounge. Already renowned for taking high-end Japanese cuisine to the next level, Magosaburo decided to take the same pioneering approach in building what is perhaps the most state-of-the-art destination to serve fine wine.

Abigail Tabuchi-Sumida, President of INSHOCK Philippines — the company behind Magosaburo and the Mago Wine Lounge — noted that “it was quite a challenge when Executive Chef Motomatsu and I brainstormed to create the menu”. Indeed, they found out that wine pairing is an exact discipline, involving a precise blending of tastes, textures, and aromas. The two spent countless hours determining the dynamics between each bottle of wine and dish. “We had several breakthrough moments, that’s for sure,” Sumida enthused. “In the end, when the flavors come together, it is very clear that our efforts paid off,” she continued.

Lending his vast expertise to this venture is internationally renowned wine connoisseur Denny Wang, who serves as executive consultant to the Mago Wine Lounge. “The Mago Wine Lounge is predicated on a single, underlying thought: enhancing a wine lover’s experience by engaging all of the senses,” he said. “As such, the Mago Wine Lounge was built entirely with wine in mind, from the d├ęcor, the cuisine, to the lighting. We had to create a space that complemented the superb selection that we individually hand-picked,” he explained further.

Finding an ideal balance between a modern feel and laid-back comfort was likewise a priority for the Mago Wine Lounge. “The technology that we’ve adopted in order to ensure the quality of our wines is truly cutting-edge,” Tabuchi-Sumida pointed out. “Every step from handling, storage, and even serving follows a strict quality control protocol. We are as much a wine lab as we are a wine lounge,” she said with slight amusement.

The Mago Wine Lounge is located on the second floor of Magosaburo, at Fort Pointe 2 (The Fort Strip). For inquiries or reservations, you may contact 856-0795 []

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