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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Uratex Orthocare helps relieve my back pain

I was once diagnosed with a back pain, wherein it affected my bony lumbar spine. I undergone all sort of work ups, and my ortho doctor prescribed I should be sleeping in an orthopedic mattress to lessen the pain and eventually supported the proper alignment of my body. It was the time that I need a replacement for my sturdy mattress. My doctor recommended Uratex, so I scouted around malls and bought one. The mattress is not cheap, and since I dont want to suffer for the recurring back pain anymore, I bought home a new orthopedic mattress from Uratex.  I slept comfortably over the years since then.  With the help of my medicines, exercise and a sound sleep, my back pain has gone. I have been thankful to Uratex all these years. Truly, a doctor prescribed, quality mattress you can count on.

The foam is made of combined high density polyurethane mattress and a multi-zone topper which help relieve contact pressure – ensuring better blood circulation.
Orthocare from Uratex  is designed to promote equal distribution of pressure to relax the legs, hips, arms and shoulders.

Then an invite came  from Uratex  last December 4, 2014. I was excited to see the Uratex plant in Muntinlupa and what was going around inside, I was just as curious as a 9th grader on her first field trip.  The supervisor toured us around the plant, the first stop was the laboratory for a foam to be tested.

This Foam Porosity Tester is used for monitoring the porosity of flexible cellular polyurethane to determine the ease with which air passes through a cellular structure. It is use to evaluate a degree of firmness to the foam.

This is where the foam is to be cut by the machine, there is a designated foam sizes, length and foam colors too to be considered.   Mattress are available to fit for Twin, Full, King, Queen, California king and twin XL bed size.

The finish product ready to be delivered at the malls and stores.  This is the section wherein they clothed the foam, wrapped it in a plastic, support the edges with adhesive tapes to make it secured.

This bed is on display inside their plant, there is a store designated for consumers to buy anything from pillows, mattresses, beds, blanket, cabinet or simply put, a bedroom showcase.

After the plant tour, I know  I made the right decision buying my Orthocare.   There is one lesson that I learned that day, that you dont have to compromise your sleep to just any mattress but Uratex, the one that is supportive enough to take your body weight and just firm for you to turn with ease. The one buddy that will help you relax after a hard day's work and helps you attain an 8 hour of good night sleep.


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  4. Una consulta, que maquina utiliza para obtener la muestra de ensayo en el Foam Porosity Tester? puesto que las dimensiones deben ser de 51 x 51 x 25 mm +/- 0.3 mm segun ASTM D3574 ??


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