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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Electrolux helps prepare healthy food for kids

Healthy Happy Kids with Electrolux

Kids are the pickiest eaters. It takes a lot to convince them to try new dishes especially those with fruits and vegetables. That is why parents come up with creative ways to encourage their kids to eat more greens and lessen the chips and chocolates.

Good nutrition and healthy eating habits are best started at a young age. And an effective way to teach these to them is by involving them in the kitchen. Introducing new flavors to your kids will encourage them to try new dishes and widen their food palate. Letting them experiment with different ingredients will challenge their creativity and tickle their curiosity and interest.

So whether you are raising a culinary prodigy or simply encouraging your kids to eat healthy, teaching them these simple dishes will surely make them appreciate nutritious food even more.

1. Pizza
Pizza is a simple yet classic child-pleaser. It’s also the perfect dish to help you get some veggies in to their meals. Include vegetables such as broccoli, bell peppers, onions and arugula as toppings apart from the usual peperoni, ham and cheese. Let them have fun in the kitchen by encouraging them to personalize their own pizza.

Electrolux Multi-function Oven

The Electrolux Inspiro built-in oven will give you the perfectly cooked pizza. Its UltraFan® feature allows hot air to circulate evenly throughout the oven for an evenly cooked dish on every shelf. It’s also designed with a cool-touch door that is safe to hold even during baking.

2. Sandwiches
Building sandwiches is a great way to introduce new flavors and textures to your kids. A piece of lettuce will add crunch to your sandwich while a strip of roast beef will give you a savory taste. Allow your kids to combine flavors and textures in their sandwiches. Give them a variety of ingredients to help them make their most creative sandwich.

Electrolux Pop-up Toaster

Let your kids choose even the type of bread they want to use. The Electrolux pop-up toaster comes with an integrated bun warmer. Your kids can now choose between a crunchy slice of bread or a warm bun for their sandwich. It’s also designed with a cool-touch housing that prevents the body of the appliance from heating up while toasting your breads.

3. Soup

Teach the kids how to prepare a hearty bowl of chicken macaroni soup with the Electrolux portable induction cooker. It comes with nine power levels to help you boil or simmer your soup quickly and easily without the use of an open flame.

4. Cookies

Reward your kids for a job well-done with a freshly baked batch of cookies. But instead of using chocolate chips, introduce new ingredients and use raisins and oatmeal to add a different taste and texture to this famous treat. Baking is not only a fun bonding activity. It will also teach kids the importance of precision and following exact instructions.

Electrolux stand mixer

Mix everything together evenly and easily with the Electrolux stand mixer. It’s built with a powerful motor that can easily do the mixing for you with just a press of a button.

Everyone can contribute to shaping healthy and well-rounded kids. Design students from all over the Philippines are invited to join the Electrolux Design Lab competition. Under the theme Healthy Happy Kids, Design Lab is looking for creative and sustainable designs that will help children of today live in an environment that fosters healthy well-being.

This year, Electrolux doubled the cash prize to €10,000 or nearly Php 540,000 and a six-month paid internship at an Electrolux global design center abroad. Submission of entries is from March 4 to April 8, 2015. For more information, visit Help spread the word and call for entries for a healthier generation of children all over the world.

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