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Monday, August 10, 2015

Freshly brewed beers and great food at The Brewery at the Palace

Back in the day when the only beer flavor I have tasted is the usual hop (from the bottle and in can,) (the bitterness comes from the generous amount of hops, yellow to brown in color). I always got the kick drinking my beer from the chiller, I love how the frozen beer tasted,  the frozen state flattens the bitterness  and compliments the food I love to pair.   In those days to enjoy my chilled beer I have to partner it with peanuts, tacos. pizza, chicken sandwich, and or  rice toppings! I cant imagine drinking it unchilled, as I dont want to savor the flavor of hops, I have no choice then.

Only recently did I know that beer has flavor categories, from hop to malt to fruity. and that the darker your beer is, the better digestion  you'll get as it contains one gram of soluble fiber, Im eyeing my Stout now. It also helps lowering your bad cholesterol, so it is good for the heart then.   There are so many health benefits from beer but the thing is you have to drink in moderation in order to achieve this.

 The Brewery at the Palace at BGC, celebrate its soft opening for the media last August 7.  This is the place where you can enjoy freshly brewed beer with great food, live bands and cocktail beers.
There are four artisanal beers to try on the list, each brewed in a precise way from malts, hops, yeast, and water to achieve a distinct flavor, aroma, and taste.

A selection of specialty beers on tap is a source of pride for The Brewery, prepared fresh everyday from its very own microbrewery – the largest of its kind in town. The microbrewery is a permanent fixture housed at the mezzanine floor, and shares the restaurant’s ample two-storey space with an open stage for performing bands, a fully-stocked bar, and dining area.

L-R, Stout, Wheat, IPA and the Pilsner
Stout or Brown Ale (p210) has a hint of coffee flavor that  gives its distinct appeal and has just the right kick with 4.7% alcohol content. Fresh and fruity sums up the flavor profile of Wheat (p200), which packs a  4.5% alcohol content. IPA or Indian Pale Ale (p220) is a malty bitter contrast to pilsner with a golden amber and 5% alcohol content. Pilsner (p180) is a Czech light lager style, clear and golden in color with 4.3% alcohol content. The Brewery will launch other beer flavors with local infusions like honey and ginger.

A beer would not be complete without the food pairing, Chef Carlo Miguel, one of the business owners provide the best food and or pulutan, from eclectic mix of starters and sides, delicious bar fare, pizzas, savory sandwiches, succulent steaks, varieties of pasta, and scrumptious desserts. He uses beer as an ingredient to some of his specialty dishes.

Sisig Pizza
G.O.A.T Burger 
The Sliders

The Brewery's Sausage Platter

Modern Sisilog

The Brewery's Fisherman's Basket

The Pub Style Nachos

Stout and Onion Soup

Clam and Mussel Spaghetti
To cap of everything, Chef Carlo Miguel's dessert is a must try!

 Brewer's Cheesecake

 Skillet Cookie
The Brewery at the Palace swings open its doors for a unique experience beer consummates would readily sink in.

Located at The Palace in Uptown Fort, Bonifacio Global City, the newest addition to this neighborhood’s vibrant dining and entertainment landscape offers a modern spin to the common beer-chugging evening by presenting a delectable menu accompanied by live band performances to keep the mood bubbly and rocking.

 Mikhal Perner, Raj Sadhwani, Mitch Malli, Chef Carlo Miguel, and Rico Blanco 

“The Brewery is far from your ordinary pub in that we’ve put together the top three things customers look for when they want to have a good time - great food, great live entertainment, and of course, excellent beers to round out the whole experience. No need to hop from one place to another because you can have all these here at The Brewery,”  said Raj Sadhwani, CEO, The Brewery. “We wanted to showcase the artistry of the beer brewing process and be a major force in changing the local dining landscape by providing fresh beers on tap paired with a delectable menu and some of the most popular bands in the country today.”
The place, which is usually packed with mostly young professionals coming from nearby offices in the area, is run by the same owners and operators of The Distillery Group, a company whose reputation is built on its serious appreciation for beer and food.

On Wednesday or Thursday nights, guests can look forward to sipping their beers and downing their chows while listening to a mix of their favorite well known groups playing a whole stream musical genre, ranging from jazz, soul rock and reggae.

Thanks to Rico Blanco, who happens to be one of the men behind The Brewery,  making  sure live entertainment hits the spot and is always exciting.

“The Brewery is the perfect mix of a relaxing and kick-up-your-heels kind of night. It’s a different kind of gastro pub experience. We are also open for lunch daily so young professionals can try our menu offerings.  Those who come here, any time of the day, will not be disappointed,” said Mitch Malli, Operations Director.

The Brewery at the Palace is located The Palace 10th avenue cor 38th in Uptown Fort, Bonifacio Global City and is open Mondays to Sundays, 11am until 2am for dine in, take out and events reservation. Contact their reservations hotline at 0917.813.9429 and Events hotline at 0917.638.3339)

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