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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Japan's popular TV series Amachan premieres October on TV5

Everything in Japan, (fashion, skincare, make ups, food, films and tv series)  fascinates me that's why the land of the rising sun is in my bucket list of next- to-visit country if time and budget permits. But that's another story. My friends from Japan swore by the tv series Amachan, they all talked and raved about the show. I am glad that I would be able to watch it this October as TV 5 acquires the right to televise it here.

One of Japan’s highest-rating drama in 2013, Amachan, finds its way into Philippine television, after local channel TV5 signs an affiliation agreement with Japan Broadcasting Corporation, NHK, to telecast the said series.

Amachan's TV execs, CEO Noel Lorenzana, and Japan International Broadcasting Inc. President and CEO Yoshihiko Shimizu signed the partnership contract before the media last August 17 at The Palace Pool, BGC.

Amachan is the first series that set in the Tohoku region after the March 11, 2011 earthquake. Other series have dealt a little bit with the quake, but no other contemporary series so far has spent so much time in the region. It tackles the story of a young woman with dreams of becoming a pop star and includes a number of scenes parodying the Japanese entertainment industry of the 1980s, Amachan became one of the hottest topics to hit the Japanese Internet chat sites.

Local broadcasting network TV5 secured rights to air one of Japan’s highest-rating drama series Amachan. Representatives from Japan’s international broadcasting network, NHK, and TV5 executives were in attendance at the contract signing event held at the Palace Pool Club last August 17. Photo shows (bottom L-R) Japan International Broadcasting Inc. (JIB) President and CEO Yoshihiko Shimizu and TV5 President and CEO Noel Lorenzana signing the contract with (top L-R) NHK Planning and Management Department Sr. Associate Director Hiroshi Yamamoto, JIB Content Department Producer Danika Otagiri, Media5 President Jane Basas, and TV5 Head of Programming Dan De Padua as witnesses.

TV5 representatives, including CEO Noel Lorenzana, and Japan International Broadcasting Inc. President and CEO Yoshihiko Shimizu participated in a Japanese traditional sake toast ceremony, during the contract signing event held at The Palace Pool Club to celebrate the newly-forged partnership. Representatives from both parties also carried out the symbolic floating of sea urchin lanterns in connection to the major elements used in the drama-comedy series.

Amachan is an upbeat drama with moments of comedy about the journey of high-schooler Aki, played by popular Japanese actress Rena Nōnen, in pursuing her dreams of becoming an “ama”, a Japanese traditional free-diver of seafood, particularly of sea urchins in the series, and a pop idol.

The series was an instant hit in Japan, becoming one of the top-rated morning dramas in Japan. Newcomer actress, Nōnen, even won a Best Actress trophy in Japan’s 17th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix for her role in the series. Amachan not only won the hearts of Japanese viewers, the production of the series in the Tohoku region was also seen to have contributed in efforts to restore the region.

The hit drama-comedy earned Japan’s prestigious Galaxy Award for best television program in 2013, and will soon hit Philippine television – making Amachan the only Galaxy Award Gran Prix winner drama series to air in the country.

 In addition to that, a live variety show, Hallo Hallo Café, hosted by seasoned comedian Yachang, will also pilot alongside Amachan as an after-show component. Hallo Hallo Café, presented and sponsored by Hallo Hallo Inc. and the Cool Japan Shop, will not only feature fun games but also give viewers a chance to win thousands of prizes. Viewers simply have to register for free on to become eligible for the prizes up for grabs as seen in the after-show. Registered users can also earn up to 10 million points by simply watching the show and being on the lookout for the daily keyword, which equates to points that can eventually turn into prizes.

Amachan premieres October on TV5 with a 30-minute episode, Mondays to Fridays, with fresh episodes in the morning and a replay at night. Catch Amachan, only on TV5.

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