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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Sex Pistols rocks the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Sex Pistols collection!

Who would forget "Anarchy in the UK" a song popularized by the legendary band Sex Pistols in the late 80s?  When everyone went gaga for this punk rock band. I remember owning a white shirt and a black Converse Chuck Taylor full of Sex Pistols doodles in them. Now the long wait is over, Converse collaborates with the Sex Pistols and came up with the grungiest graphic and design that kids of the 80s, 90s and todays generation would surely pick and buy.

CONVERSE Inc. celebrates the legendary band, Sex Pistols, with the new Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Sex Pistols collaboration for Spring 2016 showcasing iconic imagery and artwork.

The collection features colors, materials and graphics inspired by the band’s iconic style and album art. The footwear collection features details such as stitch detailing and graphic overlays. Each style includes the iconic Sex Pistols logo on the tongue of the sneaker as well as in the foot bed. The apparel collection combines elevated fabrics and graphic executions that also represent the spirit of the Sex Pistols.

The Spring 2016 Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Sex Pistols Collection is available starting this month at Converse stores for only Php 3,510 in parchment, thunder and white multi colors.


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