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Monday, February 27, 2017

Canon Marketing launches SIKAP for DepEd students

Canon Marketing, DepEd and Marylindbert International launched SIKAP on Feb. 20 at the DepEd Qc. The launch was attended by Canon Marketing executives, DepEd officials and selected students from NCR.

Vital records are documents issued by the government that prove you exist and indicate your status. These documents include birth certificates, marriage licences, death certificates, insurances, citizenship and other pertinent records that you might use in the future.

Both vital records and legal documents should be stored in a safe and secure location.  In this regard, Canon Marketing partners with DepEd and Marylindbert International for SIKAP

SIKAP which stands for School Immersion and Key Advancement Program is an advocacy of Canon Philippines on the importance of effective archiving and history. Its main objective is to provide students, teachers and parents a better perspective on how to take proper care of pertinent and important documents relevant to their daily lives, help them recognize and reinforce knowledge and skills in both digital and physical archiving and to afford them easy access to high quality printing and scanning devices that enables enrichment of academic and creative skills.

The advocacy campaign will be piloted in select schools in NCR. Teaching guides and learning materials will be given for free to all participating schools.

It aims to see every student know his past, present and move forward to the future. With awareness, knowledge and recognition of the value of archiving that all pertinent documents are taken cared of.

The highlight of the launch is the Sealing of the Partnership amongst Canon, DepED and Marylindbert International with the official handover of the teaching and learning materials.

These are documents we usually take for granted like Birth Certificates, Marriage Contracts, Insurances, School Records, Contracts among others”, Mr. Lim Kok Hin, President and CEO of
Canon Philippines emphasized.

“Imagine the loss of school’s valuable data if the school’s records gets inundated with the flood waters. With proper storage and archiving these unfortunate scenarios can be avoided,” Kok Hin

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