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Sunday, February 19, 2017 and Philippine Bowling Federation (PBF) unveils

I remember bowling when I was in college. It was my sport then, and it helped me lose weight by speeding up my metabolism. The constant movement helps burn excess fats. Bowling can burn anywhere from 170 to 300 calories per game. So if you are looking for a sport that that has all the health benefits. Choose the easy sport, and it is bowling. Im glad that and PBF partners to reintroduce bowling to the masses.

| and Philippine Bowling Federation (PBF) unveils website on Feb 17 at the V Corporate Center, Makati. executives President, Paolo Prieto,  Chief Operating Officer, Gary Libby,  and PBF officers graced the event together with  PBF President  Steve Hontiveros, and PBF Secretary-General and Asian Bowling Federation (ABF) executive board member, Alexander Lim and Philippine Olympic Committee chairman Jose “Peping” Cojuangco

The launch is to keep up with the bowling hobbyists and to re-introduce the sport to the younger generation with its official website.

It was a day to remember for both companies, as select members of the media and invited guests were not only able to discuss this newly created venture, but they were also treated to good food and the music styling of the Ryan Cayabyab singers.

This partnership aims to support PBF's goal of "promoting the appeal of tenpin bowling as a sport for excellence and sport for all."

Even famed Bowling champions and medalists, Olivia “Bong" Coo, Biboy Rivera, Rene Reyes, Gina Avecilla and Casiano King, attended the event to support both parties’ latest project launch.

Philippine Olympic Committee chairman Jose “Peping” Cojuangco

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