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Monday, January 1, 2018

Day 2: Dacara's Farm and Gardens

"Did you know that the ostrich is the largest and heaviest living bird? As its species name, camelus, suggests, the ostrich was once known as the “camel bird” because of its long neck, prominent eyes, and sweeping eyelashes, as well as its jolting walk. Like camels, the ostrich can tolerate high temperatures and go without water for long."

Now I didn't believe that description at first when I read it as I never saw an ostrich in real life and the only time I saw,  that wasnt a picture was in Adam Sandler's movie Blended where he and one of his sons actually rode it.

I knew it was big, I just didnt expect it to be really big.

After a blissful night of good sleep and delicious food from CamSur Watersports Complex.  We woke up feeling energized for our second farm tour in Pili,  Cam Sur in Dacara's Farm and Garden in Pili, Camarines Sur.

And one of their attractions there was--you guessed it--an Ostrich.

So if you're into bird watching (hello ostrich) and you happened to be in Cam Sur. you might want to drop by Dacara's Farm in Pili where you can pet and feed a real live ostrich.

Dacara's Farm is the 2nd farm we visited after Sonrisa Farm which is also located in Cam Sur as part of our Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) farm tour last September 16-18, 2017.

I have been to a zoo but I have never seen an ostrich up close--make that almost face to face . I used to laugh at my partner's fear of birds but now that i was near an ostrich , somehow I understood  how he feels.

At first I just thought we were just going to look at them from afar so we were all surprised when they took us to meet not just one but two of this BIG BIRDS!

Mrs. Angelita Luna Dacara
Dacara's Farm and Garden, is owned by Mrs. Angelita Luna Dacara or Nanay Ghie.

The talking birds and ostriches were raised alone by Nanay Ghie, she said these birds were given to her by DENR.

Nanay Ghie studied BS Agriculture Major in Agronomy at Camarines Sur State Agricultural College and a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education - BSAgEd. Major in Agronomy at Camarines Sur Agricultural College (now CBSUA).

Dacara's Farm and Garden is free for everyone to visit. Nanay Ghie does not collect or ask for an entrance fee. She told us that anyone can stay or visit her farm anytime of the day for free. She even offered the place to be used for retreat and recollection for the priests. She doesnt earn any profit or revenue from the farm.

Nanay Ghie buys bird feeds and maintains the farm by herself with the help of her 2 farmers. Her only means of income is her catering business. She told us that it was her advocacy to take care of the birds and the farm.

She loves raising Ostrich and other birds too. The good thing about raising an ostrich is that you can have its eggs and feathers without the need to slaughter the bird.

Another thing she loves about her ostriches are its  feathers.  One feather would cost P350 in the market. But she has no plans of selling the feathers. Instead she gives it out for free to her visitors.  She said its for good luck and protection. All of us went home with one each.

I learned that her ostriches only eats kangkong leaves. Nanay Ghie told us that you dont have to fear ostriches as long as you are facing the one having round beaks, but if you see an ostrich with a sharp pointy beak though, that is another story-- just know that you have to be very careful as they can kick or headbutt you if they feel threatened.

Dacara Farm and Garden also raises  pigs, and 6 colonies of stingless bees that produce organic honey aside from her plots of vegetables and herbs.

As for her farm she has a small plot of land where she cultivates organically grown vegetables like lettuce, sili ( a Bicolano Fave) and herbs.

Unlike the other places we visited Dacara's Farm was actually more of an animal farm which showed us how to properly take care of farm animals, not for profit but as companions.

Agricultural Training Institute
ATI Building, Elliptical Road, Diliman
Quezon City 1100 Philippines
Trunkline: +632 9298541 to 49

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Dacara's Farm and Gardens
St. Paul Subd., Palestina
Pili, Cam Sur


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