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Friday, January 19, 2018

Pay your SSS, PAGIBIG and Philhealth Contributions/Loans using Moneygment App

This is good news to all SSS, Pagibig and Philhealth members who voluntarily pay for contributions and loans. Now, you can save time and money if youre an SSS paying member like me. Just download the Moneygment App. on your mobile phones and check payment options for any of the above govt agencies. There is a template where you can fill up the amount details. Then click submit if you are finished. . It will be posted 3 to 4 days after payment has been received by the aforementioned government agencies.  The customers can transfer payments through Moneygment accredited partners without the need for owning a bank account.

There is no reason to line up or go to payment centers to pay for contributions and or loans.

You can now pay at the comfort of your room.  The Moneygment app is available on Android and soon on iOs.

Togetech launches the Moneygment app, on January 18 at Makati Shangri-la. (a payments solutions mobile app providing remittance for government contributions and loans, as well as computation, filing and tax payments) The launch was attended by Nessotech President and CEO Ma. Jessica Palmiano,

Nessotech - an IT firm and systems solutions provider engaged in software development with a decade of experience - has been serving companies such as banks and non-bank remittance  firms applying for their technical accreditation with the Philippine Social Security System (SSS), Philippine Health Insurance System (Philhealth) and the Home Mutual Development Fund of the Philippines (Pag-ibig Fund), to enable collection of contribution and loan payments of OFWs, self-employed and voluntary members.

Managed by a seasoned team from the financial and IT sectors, and headed by its President and CEO Ma. Jessica Palmiano, Nessotech has diversified with the recent establishment of Togetech whose mandate is the creation of mobile applications that directly serve the customers,  which includes retail and peer-to-peer client.

Togetech envisions itself to be a provider of applications geared towards connectivity, financial inclusion, and convenience of customers.

The founders of Moneygment understand the importance of these contributions, especially to the OFWs and their families that they have been serving for the past few years. This inspired them to work continuously in improving their systems in order to provide the most up-to-date services and reports to their customers. They are aware of the difficulties regarding delays in processing and unposted transactions causing benefits to be delayed as well.

That is why they developed the Moneygment app that the customers can easily access through their mobile devices, and hence, they can immediately generate reports and get updates about their transactions.

Moneygment caters as well to the growing number of self-employed individuals, freelancers, homemakers paying for the mandatory contributions of their kasambahays or household help, and micro and small enterprises to make paying and filing taxes and government contributions easy and convenient.

“Moneygment does not only focus on providing convenience for spending, but spending on things that will help ‘future-proof’ our customers,” says Ma. Jessica Palmiano, President and CEO of Togetech. “Future-proofing means being responsible citizens through filing and paying taxes, ensuring savings and insurance coverage through utilizing government initiatives provided by SSS, Philhealth and Pag-ibig. We are all focused on the now, yet we may lose sight of what we need to prepare for the future so we give you Moneygment to help you secure that future. The future does not only refer to when you are 60 years old and above. This is as simple as ensuring you have medical funds when you get sick, claiming for calamity loans when calamities happen, applying to own your home or looking for a funding source for your desired trip to another country. Future-proofing is also helping you achieve financial confidence by being able to provide financial tax returns even if you are operating a micro-enterprise enabling you to secure financial assistance in growing your business.” 

The Moneygment  app is available for download on Android via the Play Store and soon on IOS.  Through this mobile application, customers can enjoy the convenience of paying for their government contributions anytime from wherever they are.

Togetech will continuously integrate with partner institutions such as insurance companies, micro-finance and government institutions, in order to provide customers with the convenience in paying for these types of contributions, and achieve real-time posting of payments. Reports are also made available in every step of the process.

Further, it will strive to provide for financial inclusion through its rewards system and information campaigns, making it easy for customers to know current updates by our partner agencies.

Togetech will also be launching other applications catering to this segment so as to achieve its goals in providing a facility for easy payment solutions for basic life requirements and to help “future-proof” the consumers that will further improve the standard of living of every Filipino, driving the society forward.


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