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Friday, December 25, 2020

4 Christmas gift ideas that are useful amid the pandemic

Christmas just wouldn't be the same without gift-giving. It's one of the easiest ways to share love and spark some joy among family and friends. However, with all the challenges we faced this 2020, our priorities have become clearer. So, this Yuletide season, instead of the usual toys or trinkets, you can give your loved ones something useful and significant during these times.

As you prepare for a socially distanced Christmas celebration, AXA Philippines, one of the leading insurance companies in the country, offers some perfect gift ideas for your upcoming monito-monita.


Hobbies and passion kits. With community quarantines in place, you may know several people who have discovered a hidden talent or hobby during the lockdown. You can cheer on your family or friends as they take on this new skill or hobby by giving them tools or appliances that they may need to pursue their newfound passion. Some great options include pans, pots, spatulas, or small appliances for the new baker, garden tools for plantitas, or paint set and brushes for the late-bloomer artist. Hobbies can help ease anxiety, beat stress, and give joy, while helping one spend time in a creative way. 

Self-care products. Many people have become anxious over the unprecedented health crisis. Try giving them self-care kits that can lighten the mood and make your loved ones forget their worries. A few therapeutic items you can put in the self-care kit include mandala coloring books, essential oils, chocolate bars, and skincare products. As indoor plants continue to be a growing trend, your plantitos and plantitaswould highly appreciate these greeneries as many of them find comfort in taking care of them.


Home office gadgets. The pandemic has forced a lot of employees to adapt to a new working environment. This Christmas, you can help them achieve a comfortable workspace at home by giving them essential supplies as gifts. Gadgets, such as a laptop, tablet, or phone, are terrific options. For more affordable budget options, you can also give them computer accessories, a file storage, a planner, seat cushion, or other items for their desks. These gifts would surely relieve some stress and increase their productivity at home.


Financial protection. The pandemic has emphasized the importance of being prepared for life’s unforeseeable circumstances. With all the unexpected situations this year, it would be a great relief to know that there is a way to ensure protection for your future or that of your family. Insurance, for one, can help with this and offer peace of mind. AXA Philippines recently launched MyLifeChoice, an investment plan that can be personalized to your needs and budget. With AXA MyLifeChoice, not only are you protected for life’s unexpected events, you also receive an investment fund, which you can use for your long-term goals or for your family. It may seem unusual, but the gift of security for your family, especially during these times, is something that is valuable even beyond the holiday season.

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